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Singing Lessons

It is a fact that liturgical music is an integral part of the liturgy itself, not merely a means to assist or enrich worship. It is worship itself, like color to a sunset, like thought to the mind. Sacred music is not like prayer; it is prayer. Sacred music raises the mind and heart to God, and not only to our neighbor.

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Songs for Hard Times

The powers that be made sure the Country Music Association Awards started with fireworks, red-white-and-blue streamers and star-spangled guitars. But it was Alan Jackson who stopped the show with a post-Sept. 11 anthem that had the faithful drying their eyes.

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Whatever Happened to Palestrina?

Though all the great European composers before the modern age worked at one time or another for the Catholic Church, it is arguable that Palestrinas music, more than any other composer's, captures the sense of mystery and adoration characteristic of Catholic worship.

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Blessed Teen Singer Attributes Her No. 1 Success to God

The title track of Rachel Lampa's first CD, "Live For You", quickly went to No. I on the Christian charts and has crossed over to the pop charts, She debuted the album Aug. 1 on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and was a featured performer at World Youth Day in Rome. She spoke recently with Register correspondent Wayne Laugesen near her home in suburban Denver.

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Music and Morality

Music can play a positive role in moral development by creating sensual attractions to goodness, or it can play a destructive role by setting children on a temperamental path that leads away from virtue.

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Ecstasy and Solitude

As a teenager, Liszt possessed a desire to enter the priesthood. In fact, in each "of the phases of Liszt's life, a definite pattern of withdrawal, search "for God, and reflection upon personal vocation can be seen.

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Is Music Sacred?

As the most immaterial art, music is often thought to be the most spiritual. By its nature, is music sacred? If so, what is sacred about it?

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