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The Grey Lady and Whitewashed Tombs

Pope Benedict XVI was in Lebanon last week where the principal Catholic rite, the Maronite, traces its roots to Saint Maroun, who in the fourth century was a friend of Saint John Chrysostom.

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The Recovery of "Focal Practices"

Ever since Nicholas Carr wrote the celebrated Atlantic Monthly cover story called "Is Google Making us Stupid?" and turned it into his 2011 Pulitzer-finalist book, vigorous debate has not ceased on whether our immersion in the digital world of the Internet and i-gadgetry is having a negative effect on our minds.

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Rise of the Evangelical Catholic Bishops

When Pope Benedict XVI appointed the archbishop of Denver, Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M.Cap., as the new archbishop of Philadelphia on July 19, the usual suspects were trotted out to say the usual things that the usual suspects say.

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