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24 More Ways to Respond to Common Abortion Questions


This article is Part Two of a series—see Part One here.

newborn756"Abortion is amoral."

  1. If the Holy Spirit is the Author of Life, what right do we have to take life away from an innocent child?  Abortion is murder because it ends a human life.
  2. If the unborn baby isn't a baby, then you can't be pregnant.  If you're not pregnant, what exactly are you aborting?

"Life begins at birth."

  1. If a new, unique and independent life doesn't start at conception, when are we to say it does?
  2. The unborn baby is a genetically unique creation, distinct from its mother and father.  If not, what are people paying fertility clinics to do exactly?
  3. To insist that life began at any other point is unclever and irrational sophistry.  The new baby has a distinct, unchanging and unrepeatable genetic code, unique in all of human and biological history and throughout the universe, from the moment of conception until death.  Nothing is added except nutrition and oxygen.
  4. Human beings come into existence instantly at the moment of conception and gradually unfold their world of innate potential.  If not, then abortionists must admit that humans magically spring into existence at birth, which would be scientifically impossible.

"The world offers no moral guidance when it comes to abortion."

  1. Terminating a pregnancy stops the beating heart of a human being and murder is contrary to Natural Law.  If abortion is not killing, what could it be?  A heart is stopped.  A unique life is ended.  The child is no longer alive.  It's a contradiction to this most basic premise of human nature.  Once we make an exception with preborn infants, it becomes easier and easier to make other exceptions as in the sickening case of so-called "partial-birth abortion."

"The Church seeks to control women."

  1. The Catholic Church also refuses to allow men to have vasectomies.  Unless feminists amend their statement to say the Catholic Church refuses to allow anyone, male or female, to control his or her respective bodies, they will have to stop saying this.
  2. One can't imagine a clearer response to this abortionist argument that Dennis Prager's "An Open Letter to Charles Johnson," in which he wrote, "Opposition to abortion is no more anti-woman than opposition to rape is anti-man."
  3. Is the Church's opposition to vasectomy anti-male?  Is society's opposition to stealing anti-thief?  Is the opposition to lying an affront to liars and scam artists?  Is the opposition to alcoholism an attack against all alcoholics?
  4. Is disagreement to anyone's opinion always a personal attack against the opinion holder?  That might be a clever way to end intelligent debate but it has no bearing on logic or reality including the moral reality of the tragedy of abortion.

"Abortion is rare."

  1. In the 31 years since the Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade decision, legalized abortion-on-demand has ended 42 million innocent lives.  This is a number on par with those killed by Hitler, Stalin, Ho Chi Minh, Mao Zedong, Lenin and Tamerlane.

"Abortion is completely safe."

  1. When compared with other medical procedures, the abortion industry is largely unregulated.  Though there are no specific statistics about maternal deaths connected to abortion, has compiled a list of 347 American women killed by legal abortions since 1973.  If feminists insist that a single woman killed by an illegal abortion is a horror, why would they so blithely ignore the lives of 347 women?

  2. According to a study was described in Nov. 2, 1994, issue of The Journal of the National Cancer Institute conducted by Dr. Janet Daling, an abortion supporter, and her colleagues at Seattle's Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center at the behest of the National Cancer Institute, an induced abortion raises a woman's chance of getting cancer before age 45, by 50%.  If the abortion is performed after the age of 30, it increases 110%.  If the abortion is conducted before the age of 18, it goes up 150%.  (Dickson, Ph.D., Robert B., Marc E. Lippman, MD, "Growth Regulation of Normal and Malignant Breast Epithelium," The Breast: Comprehensive Management of Benign and Malignant Diseases, edited by Kirby I. Bland MD and Edward M. Copeland III, MD; (1998) W.B. Saunders Company.  Second edition. Vol. 1. pg. 519.)

"Abortion is completely healthy."

  1. The Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer reported that 28 out of 37 worldwide studies have independently linked induced abortion with breast cancer.  Thirteen out of 15 studies conducted on American women report an increased risk.  Seventeen of these studies are considered statistically significant.  Sixteen of them have reported a significant increased risk of cancer.  (Lanfranchi, MD, FACS, Angela.  "Ethics and Medics."  November 2004.)

"Mothers who are forced to raise unwanted children often abuse them."

  1. The argument that the best way to eliminate potential child abuse is to eliminate the potential child is irrational.  Killing a child would have to be the worst form of child abuse possible.  If death is preferable to physical and sexual abuse, should we also kill children who are currently being abused for "compassionate grounds?" No one would suggest that we similarly eliminate rape by getting rid of women, or by locking them up in their homes.  Should we get rid of banks in an attempt to stop bank robberies?  Should we get rid of the risk of drowning by getting rid of bathtubs and swimming pools?

"Abortion is completely fair."

  1. Abortion is never fair to the murdered child.
  2. A bit less than half of the children born in the world are female but the truth is, most cultures around the world don't prize girls as much as they do boys.  It's very common throughout the world to abort girls, especially in China, India and Muslim countries.  Combined, these three regions contain half of the planet's population.  If these countries continue to kill little girls, the gender ratio, which is already dangerously skewed in favor of males, will crash and destroy entire nations.
  3. Experts in population biology suggest that a shortage of women will mean that women will become a rare commodity and men will kidnap, trade, exploit and sell them.  The love of profit makes people do truly evil things.  This is not an alarmist myth as this is already happening in China, Mexico and throughout the Southeast and Southwestern Asia.  (Kung, Vicky.  China: Thousands of abducted women, children released in past year. CNN. March 13, 2012.) Prostitution is big business and for pimps and madams to maintain their businesses, they resort to human trafficking and sexual slavery.
  4. It's ridiculous to maintain that though millions of baby girls are killed in utero that the adult gender ratio will magically "work itself out."  If you don't plant corn, corn plants won't grow.  The same holds true for humanity.
  5. It's insane to suggest that if we wish to defend women's rights that we should cull that community as much as we wish.

"You can't force women to do, say or think something with which they disagree."

  1. And pro-abortionists can't force pro-lifers to do, say, think―or pay for―something with which they disagree.

"Men have no place in deciding what women can do with their bodies."

  1. Do you think women's opinions are as easily ignorable when it comes to laws regarding men―for example, male-only gyms and clubs or the legal option of vasectomies?
  2. This would also mean women couldn't adopt male children as those boys would be then subjugating to women who have no right to decide a man should do.




Angelo Stagnaro. "22 Ways to Respond to Common Abortion Questions." National Catholic Register (May 28, 2019).

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