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Week's Quote

"When it comes to life the critical thing is whether you take things for granted or take them with gratitude."

- G. K. Chesterton


Dealing with Political Correctness in the Academy

Navigating Today's Insane Educational System - J. Budziszewski

J. Budziszewski talks with students about political correctness, academic freedom, religious conversion, and why every thinking person should pursue the liberal arts.

Robert P. George takes students’ questions - Robert P. George

Professor George recently took questions from a group of ivy league students about the fun of disrupting campus group-think, challenging the "dogmas of liberalism", the marriage debate, and much more.

Handling Issues of Conscience in the Academy - J. Budziszewski

One doesn't become confused about wrong and therefore start committing it; rather one commits wrong, knows it is wrong, and therefore finds a way to confuse and reassure himself about it.

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26th Sunday in Ordinary Time - Father John Horgan

My ways are higher than your ways, my thoughts are higher than your thoughts. Read more...

The Conversion of Evelyn Waugh & the Fine Art of Keeping One's Head - Tod Worner

Seventy-four years ago this week, the great English novelist Evelyn Waugh became a Catholic. He converted because he believed it was either the Church or chaos. Read more...

St. Thérèse: Little Flower, Little Warrior - Father Dwight Longenecker

She might have been a little flower, but if so, she was a steel magnolia. Read more...

Clearing the air around marijuana use - Father Tad Pacholczyk

The litany of marijuana's adverse health effects raises major doubts about the wisdom of promoting its legalization for recreational purposes. Read more...

Discouragement - Father George W. Rutler

Our Lord encourages each of us: do not be disheartened. Read more...

It's Time to Take the Islamic State Seriously - Father James V. Schall, S.J.

The Islamic State and the broader jihadist movements throughout the world that agree with it are, I think, correct in their basic understanding of Islam. Read more...

The slow, tentative return of women’s lost sense of sexual honour - Barbara Kay

Something in our nature craves the constraints that produce the rewards an honour code confers. Read more...

The Lost Art of Conversation - Mitchell Kalpakgian

Renowned for his immense learning, remarkable wisdom, lively conversation, and honest talk, Dr. Johnson illuminates the meaning of the art of conversation. Read more...

2014: The 16th Sunday of Ordinary Time - Father John Horgan

Father Horgan explains the parables in this week’s Gospel - Matthew 13: 23-43. Read more...

2014: 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time - Father John Horgan

The pearl of great price and the persecution of Christians in Mosel and the Middle East. Read more...

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Nazarenes at Home and Abroad - NRO
An interview with a Vermont priest who has started a program via Aid to the Church in Need to help persecuted Christians in the Middle East.

What to know before asserting that a typical annulment ‘makes no sense’ - In the Light of the Law
Misunderstanding— and plain ignorance—about canon law, annulments, and tribunal work is common among Catholics and pervasive among non-Catholics.

Interview excerpts: Cardinal Kasper responds - CNA
On Sept. 29, the Argentine daily La Nacion published an interview with Cardinal Walter Kasper, who has drawn significant media attention for suggesting that some of those who have been divorced and remarried should be permitted to receive Communion.

Newman’s Bones - First Things
The story of Newman’s remains in the wake of his cause for sainthood - and what it means about him.

As Catholic Church Seeks Proof, Venezuela Sees a Saint - New York Times
In Venezuela, the people campaign to see a local doctor, who treated the poor for free, be declared a saint. He healed many before dying in 1919; some say he still heals the poor.

Vatican official says U.N. framework is best way to fight terrorism - CNS
The U.N.'s framework provides the "only viable way" of dealing with the global nature of modern terrorism "which knows no borders."

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