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The Freedom of Conscience in Relation to "Health" - Iain T. Benson

A student at the medical school at the University of Manitoba has been threatened with loss of graduation if he will not offer abortion as an option to a patient. In terms of the legal requirement, the issue is whether or not a physician is required to refer a patient for an abortion. The answer is “no.”  Email This Article

The Future Is Now - Father Thomas Berg, L.C.

The stem-cell debate changes.  Email This Article

The Holy Grail of Reprogramming: A New Era for Stem Cells? - Rev. Tadeusz Pacholczyk, Ph.D.

The recent discovery that regular old garden-variety skin cells can be converted into highly flexible (pluripotent) stem cells has rocked the scientific world.  Email This Article

The Human Cost of In Vitro Fertilization Technique - H.A. NIELSEN

“The individual who is a servant of technique,” Jacques Ellul writes, “must be completely unconscious of himself.”  Email This Article

The Pain of the Almost Dead - SUSAN MARTINUK

Just how dead is “brain-dead”? The answer isn’t as simple as one might think.  Email This Article

The Permanent Limitations of Biology - Leon R. Kass, M.D.

How far can biology take us? Are there limits on what it can know or on what it may enable us to do?  Email This Article

The Point of a Ban - Gilbert Meilaender

To explore the logic and make sense of a ban on stem cell research is my aim here. Since many parties to the debate claim, at least, to agree that the embryo should be treated with “respect,” it may be fruitful to explore other issues — in particular, the nature of moral reasoning and the background beliefs that underlie such reasoning. I propose to take a very long way round. Our understanding of what is at stake can be sharpened if we begin not with stem cell research but with a quite different moral question.  Email This Article

The truth about embryonic stem cell (ESC) therapies - Ryan T. Anderson

The truth about the technical challenges and scientific hurdles for embryonic stem-cell (ESC) therapies is finally getting out.  Email This Article

The Truth About Stem Cells: An interview with Dr. David Prentice - Kathryn Jean Lopez

David Prentice, professor of life sciences at Indiana State University and an adjunct professor of medical & molecular genetics at the Indiana University School of Medicine, explains why human embryonic stem-cell research is illegal, immoral, and unnecessary.  Email This Article

The U.N. on Cloning: Ban It - Wesley J. Smith

The United Nations Declaration on Human Cloning is a breakthrough document with enormous potential to lead to tremendous human good.  Email This Article

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