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The "Morning After" Pill - Dr. John J. B. Shea, M.D.

On June 20, 2003, the New York State Legislature passed “Emergency Contraception for Rape Victims” legislation. This mandated hospitals to provide survivors of rape with the so-called ‘morning after pill’ and to counsel patients that these pills are contraceptives and do not cause abortion. Similar bills have been introduced in Massachusetts and Illinois.  Email This Article

The Baby Market - Kevin E. Schmiesing

America’s fertility clinics are now allowing parents to screen embryos according to sex, and more are opting for this practice. Kevin Schmiesing observes that the idea of children as “gift” is under increasing stress as alternative and sometimes conflicting notions of child as right, as burden, or as consumer item compete for dominance.  Email This Article

The Basics About Stem Cells - Maureen L. Condic

Regrettably, much of the debate on stem cell research has taken place on emotional grounds, pitting the hope of curing heartrending medical conditions against the deeply held moral convictions of many Americans. Such arguments frequently ignore or mischaracterize the scientific facts.  Email This Article

The Betrayal of Hippocrates - Wesley J. Smith

“Unbeknownst to most Americans, a small but influential group of philosophers and health care policy makers are working energetically to transform our nation’s medical practice and health care laws.” So goes the introduction of Wesley Smith’s book, “The Culture of Death — The assault on medical ethics in America.” WorldNetDaily staff writer and talk show host Geoff Metcalf recently interviewed Smith about his book and the growing bioethics movement.  Email This Article

The Bioethics Mess - Dianne N. Irving

“Bioethics” — the word sounds like old-fashioned medical ethics applied to new medical technology. It’s the application of traditional philosophical or theological principles to the moral dilemmas created by, say, cloning or experimenting with new AIDS drugs, right? Not really.  Email This Article

The Case Against Perfection - Michael J. Sandel

What's wrong with designer children, bionic athletes, and genetic engineering?  Email This Article

The Case of Terri Schiavo: When Does Dignity End? - Reverend Michael Black

While hard cases don’t make good law, Terri Schiavo’s circumstance crystallizes all the major issues surrounding care for the terminally ill, and provides an opportunity to preach and educate our people about human rights, the inherent dignity of all human life, and the limits of medical treatment.  Email This Article

The Case of Terri Shiavo - Fr. William Saunders

A friend of mine and I had an argument over Terri Schiavo as to whether food and water should be stopped to allow her to die. I said that to do so would really be like killing her. She said that she is going to die anyway. Is there any Church teaching on this matter?  Email This Article

The difference between knowledge and wisdom - George Weigel

This past April 25th marked the fiftieth anniversary of the most important scientific article of the twentieth century: James Watson and Francis Crick’s description in Nature of the "double-helix" structure of DNA.  Email This Article

The Evolution of Genocide - Rebecca Messall

While reading the newspaper in May 1999, I noticed a headline about an evolution controversy occupying the Kansas State Board of Education. I flipped the page without reading the story. Like many pro-life people, I felt that the origin of the species was a matter of God's choice of methods - but not a pro-life concern.  Email This Article

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