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Outlawing Conscience: Why We Need a Conscience Clause - Chuck Colson

Heather Williams spent five years working as a pharmacist at a Target store in St. Louis. During that time, Target accommodated Williams’s desire not to take part in dispensing the morning-after pill — the drug that causes the abortion of an embryonic human being. But then Planned Parenthood threatened to boycott the Target chain over Williams’s employment — so Target fired her.  Email This Article

People in vegetative states are entitled to compassion and care - Father Raymond J. de Souza

Can a human person ever become a vegetable? And be treated as such?  Email This Article

Peter Singer: Architect of the Culture of Death - Donald DeMarco

The new tradition that Peter Singer welcomes is founded on a "quality-of-life" ethic. It allegedly replaces the outgoing morality that is based on the "sanctity-of-life."   Email This Article

Play It Again Organ Donation - Lay Witness

What is the position of the Catholic Church on organ donation for the purpose of transplant? What moral principles are involved? What would motivate one to be an organ donor?  Email This Article

Pre-Natal Diagnosis - Fr. Frank Pavone

The push for pre-natal diagnostic tests for pregnant mothers just became stronger.  Email This Article

Pregnant Women - ZENIT

Researchers clamor for federal funding to ‘harvest’ stem cells from unborn children.  Email This Article

Press Misrepresents Catholic Teaching on End of Life Issues - Culture & Cosmos

The prominence of the Terri Schiavo case has brought unprecedented media attention to the Catholic Church's teaching on end-of-life issues. But media portrayals of Church teaching are often inaccurate and misleading, according to two prominent Catholic ethicists.  Email This Article

Press Release on Stem Cell Research - Catholic Medical Association

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Protection of Conscience Project Submission to the All-Party Oireachtais Co - Protection of Conscience Project

Protection of Conscience Laws (PCL’s) ensure that people cannot be forced to participate in medical procedures to which they object for reasons of conscience.  Email This Article

Reproductive Technology - John M. Haas

Infertility is a growing problem in the United States. And in true American fashion, there has been a corresponding growth in a "reproductive technologies industry" to provide a solution. In America we have a tendency to think that we can solve all problems with the right "technology." But children are not engendered by technology or produced by an industry.  Email This Article

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