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Is Bioethics Ethical? - WESLEY J. SMITH

Bioethicists spend much of their time arguing with one another, beneath—or, more accurately, above—the public radar, in arcane academic journals, books, university symposia, and government-appointed commissions.  Email This Article

John Paul II on the right to medical practice according to conscience - Pope John Paul II

I warmly welcome your visit on the occasion of the International Congress of Catholic Obstetricians and Gynecologists, at which you are reflecting upon your future in the light of the fundamental right to medical training and practice according to conscience.  Email This Article

Leon Kass and the Challenge of Bioethics - William E. May

In my opinion Life, Liberty, and the Defense of Dignity: The Challenge for Bioethics by Leon Kass is unquestionably one of the most important books on bioethics ever published.  Email This Article

Leon Kass: A national treasure - George Weigel

Leon Kass may be the most morally earnest man I've ever met. His students at the University of Chicago revere him as a teacher who, quite literally, changed their lives.  Email This Article

Life is too important to be left to scientists - Ian Hunter

At press conferences today in Washington, London, Paris, Berlin and Tokyo, scientists will announce the completion of the Human Genome project. It is remarkable that, in less than a half century, we have gone from Crick and Watson’s discovery of the structure of DNA to a basic map of our 100,000 human genes.  Email This Article

Missing the Point - Yuval Levin

Embryo-research advocates finally back ethical alternatives but still insist on ethical violations.   Email This Article

New Babies Have Three Parents - David Curtin

A team of infertility specialists at the Institute for Reproductive Medicine and Science at St. Barnabas Medical Center said they helped produce 15 children with foreign DNA added to that which the children naturally inherited from their mothers and fathers. The news was met with an outcry from ethicists and from other scientists, who accused the team of playing God and of ignoring potentially disastrous side effects in their haste to dabble in genetic engineering.  Email This Article

Not Making the Cut - Donald DeMarco

All human beings should "make the cut" simply because they are inviolate, unrepeatable, and irreplaceable human beings. The path to abortion and the road toward cloning is one that consistently and increasingly subordinates the primary good of the human being to some secondary good.  Email This Article

Not quite dead?: The case for caution in the definition of "brain death" - Monica Seeley

The Church is very clear on the meaning of death. "Death can mean decomposition, disintegration, a separation," Pope John Paul II said in a 1989 address to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences. "It occurs when the spiritual principle which ensures the unity of the organism no longer exercises its functions in and upon the organism, whose elements, left to themselves, disintegrate."  Email This Article

Of Living Wills and Butterfly Ballots - Nancy Valko

The “living will” was originally invented in 1967 by two groups, the Euthanasia Society of America and Euthanasia Education Council, and was touted as a first step in gaining public acceptance of euthanasia. These groups had been struggling for years to get “mercy-killing” bills (which would allow doctors to give disabled or dying patients lethal overdoses) passed in various state legislatures.  Email This Article

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