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Establishment Bioethics - Sean Murphy

The term 'bioethics' is frequently used as if it denotes a single ethical system. In fact, bioethics is simply a branch of ethics, and the term is frequently used as an imprecise label for a range of ethical theories in medicine and medical research.  Email This Article

Ethical Blind Spots - Rev. Tadeusz Pacholczyk

When I traveled to Auschwitz a few years ago, one question played over and over in my mind: Did they know?  Email This Article

Far from Perfect - Ryan T. Anderson

A review of Michael Sandel's The Case against PerfectionEmail This Article

Follow the Money: Stem Cells and Subsidies - Jennifer Roback Morse

Last week the scientific world was abuzz with the news that adult stem cells could be used to regenerate tissues and cure diseases.  Email This Article

Formula for Producing Super-Babies - Donald DeMarco

"Super-" is our most hallowed prefix, for it announces the marriage of two qualities that the modern world venerates: new and improved. If we can produce superconductors, fly at supersonic speeds, travel along superhighways, and attend Super-bowl games, why should we not direct our resourcefulness to our offspring and turn them into super-babies?  Email This Article

Harsh Medicine: Chapter one from "Culture of Death" - Wesley J. Smith

My mother's doctor is refusing to give her antibiotics," the caller told me in an urgent voice. I asked why. "He says that she's ninety-two and an infection will kill her sooner or later, so it might as well be this infection. As disturbing as this call was, as outrageous the doctor's behavior, I wasn't particularly surprised. I have been receiving such desperate calls with increasing frequency for the last several years.  Email This Article

Holy See's Call for a Ban on All Human Cloning - Holy See Mission

Here is the text of the Holy See's speech delivered Monday at a U.N. session on human cloning. Archbishop Celestino Migliore, permanent observer of the Holy See to the United Nations, gave the speech.  Email This Article

How brave a new world? - Leon R. Kass, M.D.

There is nothing "brave" or beautiful about the biotechnised world we are entering, says one of America's best-known bioethicists.  Email This Article

Human Embryo Research After the Genome - William P. Cheshire, Jr.

Recently, the Bush administration planted a flag on ethical high ground by updating the charter of the federal advisory committee that addresses the safety of human research subjects to consider the welfare of human embryos along with that of fetuses, children, and adults. That decision was not, as some critics have charged, the result of inappropriate religious intrusion into policy governing science.  Email This Article

Immunity From Evil?: Vaccines Derived from Abortion - Jameson T. Taylor

While most parents are shocked to learn that their children have been injected with vaccines cultured on and containing residual components of aborted fetal tissue, anger turns to anxiety once physicians and school officials point out that the vaccines are necessary for children to attend school. Religious and philosophical exemptions are, however, available.  Email This Article

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