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Bodies in Plastic - Rev. Tadeusz Pacholczyk

An exhibit called "Body Worlds" is currently touring the United States and generating some animated discussion in its wake.  Email This Article

Bodies Without Souls - Dennis Teti

The book’s title, Body Bazaar, is a pun on the strangeness of how elements of the human body — DNA, umbilical cord blood, embryos, bone, tissue — have become products for a burgeoning global biotechno-mart. For doctors harvesting human tissue, the body has become (changing the metaphor) a “gold mine.”  Email This Article

Brave New Genetic World - Stacy Mattingly

Even human embryonic stem-cell research, the most morally problematic to date of all the new reproductive technologies, has a huge cadre of advocates who look to stem-cell therapy to cure a wide range of degenerative disabilities. That is where the brave new genetic world we have built on IVF technology starts to look scary.  Email This Article

Can Frozen Embryos Be Saved? - Grace MacKinnon

If we believe – and rightly so – that it is wrong to use human embryos for experimental research, then what is it that we believe should be done with these often-unwanted frozen children? What happens to them?   Email This Article

Clone the French! - Wesley J. Smith

Big News! The French parliament just passed the Brownback-Landrieu Bill outlawing all human cloning.  Email This Article

Cloning at the Crossroads of Humankind - Nigel M. de S. Cameron

The world changed when it was announced in February of 1997 that scientists working for a private research institute in my former homeland of Scotland had cloned a sheep. The world was taken by total surprise. Technology first, typically by surprise; ethics and policy later, if at all. Four years later, here in the U.S. we still have no policy. There are few more worrying facts in the modern world. Let me offer three comments.  Email This Article

Couples Ask: What’s Wrong With In-vitro Fertilization? - Tim Drake

Catholic teaching has called in-vitro fertilization techniques immoral for decades. But most Catholics still haven’t heard the news.  Email This Article

Danger Zone - Wesley J. Smith

In the court (and courts) of life and death, a little 11-year-old Massachusetts girl named Haleigh Poutre could be the next Terri Schiavo.  Email This Article

Debating the Embryo's Fate - Rev. Tadeusz Pacholczyk

The debate over embryonic stem cell research continues to escalate in our country, and remains a topic of significant public interest.  Email This Article

Embryology: Inconvenient Facts - William L. Saunders, Jr.

In the ongoing debate about cloning human embryos for research, and about destroying them in order to harvest their stem cells, it is important to keep some basic facts in mind. Our moral analysis must be built upon fundamental scientific truths. If we obscure the facts, then we will not think clearly or act responsibly about these issues.  Email This Article

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