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What We Know About Embryonic Stem Cells - Maureen L. Condic

Back at the beginning of 2002, there was considerable optimism regarding the promise that embryonic stem cells were said to hold for millions of people suffering from fatal or debilitating medical conditions. Stem cells derived from human embryos, it was claimed, provided the best hope for relief of human suffering.  Email This Article

What's Lost in Prenatal Testing - Patricia E. Bauer

She was a fresh-faced young woman with a couple of adorable kids, whiling away an hour in the sandbox at the park near my home. So was I, or so I thought.  Email This Article

When Ideology Corrupts Science and Medicine - Rev. Tadeusz Pacholczyk

Some physicians and researchers fail to see the important role of ethics and religion in the world of medical science.  Email This Article

When We Were Philosopher Kings - Ruth Shalit

As a practitioner of a new medical specialty known as “clinical ethics,” Jonathan Moreno joins the burgeoning cadre of academics who are making the leap from the blackboard to the bedside.  Email This Article

Which Medical Ethics for the 21st Century? - DIANNE N. IRVING

Everyday we read and hear about the constant onslaught of controversial medical issues, e.g., euthanasia, physician-assisted suicide, test-tube babies, cloning and stem cell research, creating monsters in the lab, etc. — it is all coming down very fast and we will all have to make decisions about these and many other issues not even imagined yet in the 21st Century.  Email This Article

Who's Your Daddy? - W. Bradford Wilcox

There's more to fatherhood than donating DNA.  Email This Article

“Imposing Our Beliefs” on Others - Rev. Tadeusz Pacholczyk, Ph.D.

After I gave my testimony, one of the senators asked a pointed question. "Father Tad, by arguing against embryonic stem cell research, don't you see how you are trying to impose your beliefs on others, and shouldn't we as elected lawmakers avoid imposing a narrow religious view on the rest of society?"  Email This Article

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