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Edith Stein — Convert, Nun, Martyr - LAURA GARCIA

Most of Edith Stein's writing on women and women's vocation stems from the decade of her professional life between her conversion and her entrance into the Carmelite community at Cologne.  Email This Article

Embodiment - John F. Crosby

I began my last installment by saying that personalist philosophy can go astray in different ways, and I proceeded to show how in the contemporary world it commonly goes astray by becoming too individualistic. Now I want to begin the present installment by mentioning a deviant form of personalism that will come as a surprise to most of my readers: Personalism commonly goes astray by becoming too “spiritualistic.” What could I possibly mean by this?  Email This Article

Empathy - Donald DeMarco

Experience may be the sharpest teacher. "One thorn of experience," the poet James Russell Lowell tells us, "is worth a whole wilderness of warning."  Email This Article

Endurance - Donald DeMarco

She came into the world, according to her father, "kicking valiantly and crying obstreperously." Perhaps she had some premonition of the immense suffering she was destined to endure throughout the course of her life.  Email This Article

Enter the Mystery: Pope John Paul II's Practical Insights for Greater Devotion - Edward P. Sri

In Rosarium Virginis Mariae, the Holy Father offers several practical suggestions to help us enter more profoundly into the mysteries so that the Rosary can serve as an even greater source of guidance for our daily lives. Let's consider a few of those insights.  Email This Article

Eucharist, Holy Meal - Scott Hahn

We’re going to be focusing on the very center of the faith this morning, and I feel so woefully inadequate because there is just so much to say about the Blessed Sacrament.  Email This Article

Eucharistic Adoration: Another Dimension - Fr. Benedict J. Groeschel, C.F.R.

I would like to discuss an aspect of Eucharistic devotion which is probably not central to the thinking of many of our readers: the social meaning of Eucharistic adoration itself. What should the Eucharistic presence mean to believers in terms of their membership in the Church and, going even further, as members of the human family, the children of God?  Email This Article

Eulogies Foster Unreal Expectations - JAMES HITCHCOCK

The main problem with eulogies is that they have to be unreservedly positive — no one wants to hear anything critical about the deceased.  Email This Article

Evidence favors Shroud of Turin as real thing - Mary Jo Anderson

Historic exhibition closes; carbon-14 confirms relics of St. Luke.  Email This Article

Examination of Conscience - Fr. John Hardon, S.J.

Father Hardon provides practical norms for making our daily examination of conscience. Follow these principles and you’re guaranteed to grow in the spiritual life.  Email This Article

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