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Discernment - Peter Kreeft

Does God have one right choice for me in each decision I make? When we pray for wisdom to discern God's will when it comes to choosing a mate, a career, a job change, a move, a home, a school, a friend, a vacation, how to spend money, or any other choice, big or little, whenever there are two or more different paths opening up before us and we have to choose, does God always will one of those paths for us? If so, how do we discern it?  Email This Article

Dissent From the Creed: Heresies Past and Present - Russell Shaw

One of the depressing conclusions to which the reading of history can give rise is that bad ideas never really quit. Discredit a bad idea, and it simply goes underground, gets a face-lift, a new name, and a new suit of clothes, then reappears years, decades, or even centuries later to bedevil and confuse the unwary all over again.  Email This Article


Mother’s way of expressing the Christian vocation is always so beautifully simple, so powerfully challenging and true. We do what we do as Christians because of our relationship with God, and quite irrespective of the fact that the world may well either condemn or take advantage of us for acting as we should.  Email This Article

Does the Bible Support the Feminist God/ess? - Catholic Dossier

To an Anglican bishop who suggested it was high time feminine images for God were introduced, C. S. Lewis replied ironically, “I shouldn’t believe it strongly, but some sort of case could be made out.” Today many people think a very strong case indeed can be made for such feminist alterations of our “God-talk.” Yet on what basis are such radical changes to be made?  Email This Article

Don't Get Mad, Get Holy: Overcoming Evil with Good - Leon Suprenant, Jr.

The size and gravity of the current clerical sex abuse scandal can lead to anger, discouragement, and a sense of powerlessness. In point of fact, there are many things we can do to be "part of the solution," to cooperate with divine grace to make a difference in this crisis. Therefore, we offer the following eight practical steps Catholic laity can take to help bring some good out of this unspeakable evil.  Email This Article

Dorothy Day - Saint and Troublemaker - JIM FOREST

If Dorothy Day is ever canonized, she will be the patron saint not only of homeless people and those who try to care for them but also of people who lose their temper.  Email This Article

Dying Daily for Christ: Martyrdom Yesterday and Today - The Rev. Peter M.J. Stravinskas

It was no accident that when Jesus challenged us to suffer in union with Him, He used the image of the yoke, which is an instrument not for one but for two. Christ gets into the yoke with us, and that is how the burden becomes light (cf. Mt. 11:30)! Yoked to Him, walking the via Crucis (Way of the Cross), leads inexorably to the via Lucis (Way of Light).  Email This Article

Early Christianity - Father John A. Hardon

Christianity is unique in the history of world religions.   Email This Article

Easter and Baptism - Fr. Leonard M. Puech

Since baptism is a rebirth to a new life, a spiritual resurrection, it was most fitting that the Paschal Vigil be chosen for the administration of solemn baptism. This is the reason why during all the Easter octave, the liturgy alludes so often to baptism to remind the newly baptized, but also all of us, of what is baptism and of what it demands from all the baptized.  Email This Article

Eastern Orthodoxy - Fr. John Hardon, S.J.

In modern parlance, the Orthodox are those Christians who separated from Rome in the eleventh century through the great Eastern Schism, and whose distinctive liturgical feature is the Byzantine rite and doctrinal basis the acceptance of the first seven ecumenical councils, up to the second Council of Nicea in 787.   Email This Article

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