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Can Catholics Bear ‘Body Art’? - Pia de Solenni

Many good Catholic young people bear on their bodies the trendy markings of their times: tattoos, body piercings and other forms of "body art." Should the Church pretend not to notice the displays — or should Catholic adults try to steer young people away from these now-ubiquitous expressions?  Email This Article

Can prayer really heal? - Ylva Van Buuren

Twelve years ago Nancie Nicholson's two-year-old nephew, Kyle, began having problems with his balance. It took doctors a month to figure out what was wrong: Tests showed a rare form of cancer in one of his adrenal glands.  Email This Article

Catechesis of fasting - Adam A. J. DeVille

Pope John Paul has called on us to build a holier Church, and in his 1995 letter Orientale Lumen, exhorted Latin Catholics in particular to learn from their Eastern brethren so that the Church can again breathe with both lungs. From the East, then, source of the rising Son, may we receive the gift of fasting as just such a practice that unites, purifies, and strengthens us as the one Body of Christ.  Email This Article

Catholic Classics - NICK BAGILEO

Father Cameron has written an intelligible and timely introduction to fourteen Catholic classics on spirituality. In an age that is fast becoming de-Christianized, Cameron’s book reminds us that in the lives and writings of the saints, we have reliable guides to a complete and holy life even in the most secular of times.  Email This Article

Catholic Crackdown: China Trade's First Fruits - Kevin Michael Grace

Congress approved permanent normal trade relations with communist China in September. If free-trade rhetoric had proven true, this should have been followed by greater civil liberty.  Email This Article

Catholic Propaganda - SIGRID UNDSET

Well-known cases show that the normal and expected result of evangelical "conversion" is the feeling of safety. Catholic "conversion" results in a feeling of repentance. If a thoroughgoing Protestant is asked, "Are you saved?", and he has experienced a "conversion", he will without hesitation answer affirmatively. But no Catholic would dare to say more than that he hopes for salvation.  Email This Article

Catholic Social Teaching: John Paul II, Laborem Exercens - THOMAS STORCK

Laborem Exercens is a sustained reflection on the meaning of human work, which John Paul considers to be “a key, probably the essential key, to the whole social question...” In this document he is more interested in looking at social teaching in the light of the concept of work, than in formulating new norms for a changed social situation. As we examine the main points of his reflections we will be able to see more clearly his insights into the meaning of the Church’s social doctrine.  Email This Article

Catholic Traditions for Advent and Christmas - Michaelann Martin

Issue: How can families better live the spirit of Advent and Christmas in their homes? Response: The Catholic Church has designated the four weeks preceding Christmas as Advent, a time to "prepare the way of the Lord" for His coming as our King and Savior.  Email This Article

Catholics and the Bible - CATHOLIC EVIDENCE GUILD

For a Christian face to face with a Bible passage the question “Is it true?” does not arise; God wrote it, and he cannot lie. The question in every instance is only, “What does it mean, what did the biblical author, inspired by, God, wish to convey and teach?” Now, to ascertain this the guidance of the Church is essential, and time and patience are often needed.  Email This Article

Chastity - Donald DeMarco

After chasing the woman from his room, Thomas Aquinas returned to his cell,"dropped the firebrand into the fire; and sat down on that seat of sedentary scholarship,"that chair of philosophy, that secret throne of contemplation, from which he never rose again.  Email This Article

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