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St. Therese, Doctor of the Church - MICHAEL NOVAK

Therese really is a doctor of the Church. She really does teach, and no writer of theology you have ever read will carry you so unerringly to the living heart of the gospels, so limpidly and beautifully put.  Email This Article

Staggering to Heaven - Patricia Treece

There are saints who sweep across the sky of their generation like blazing comets signaling the reality and glory of God. Others silently earn grace for a world blind to their presence. Matt Talbot, the friend of God whose life ended on a Dublin sidewalk on June 7, 1925, was one of those hidden holy. Matt Talbot may well become the Church’s first known alcoholic saint.  Email This Article

Stations of the Cross - Grace MacKinnon

Dear Grace, I am curious about how the devotion of the Stations of the Cross began. Could you please explain this?  Email This Article

Submission to God - Kenneth Baker, S.J.

Every article of the Creed has been attacked by someone in recent years. The man or woman of faith who can live it in the face of hostile surroundings is truly following in the footsteps of Jesus Christ who was put to death for living and proclaiming the Good News of salvation.  Email This Article

Support from Psychology for the Fatherhood of God - Paul Vitz

It is widely recognized today that the Christian concept of God as Father is under attack. Specifically, various religious writers, primarily feminists, have proposed that God should be called Mother, or possibly the androgynous Father/Mother or Mother/Father. In some instances the term God as Parent has been proposed. This paper will, however, explore the psychological case for the orthodox understanding of God as Father.  Email This Article

Taking Toddlers to Church: Actions Speak Louder Than Words! - Mary Ann Kuharski

A young couple who attends Mass with their four children every Sunday recently received a letter from an anonymous parishioner complaining about the distraction their little ones were causing during the liturgy. What a shame. Wasn't it Christ Himself who said, "Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them; for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven" (Mt. 19:14)?  Email This Article

Temperance: Harmony in the Soul - John Smillie

Homebrewing was known as the "essential hobby" during prohibition in the United States, which came about as a result of the enactment of a federal law known as the Volstead Enforcement Act in 1920.  Email This Article

Thanksgiving After Holy Communion - Fr. Edwin Gordon

The dismissal prayer at Mass, Ite missa est, which is often translated as “Go, Mass is ended” or “Go to love and serve the Lord” is interpreted by the majority of the faithful as a command to leave the church as soon as possible. Inestimabile Donum, the document published by the Sacred Congregation with the authority of the Pope, emphasizes the importance of adoration and prayer after Holy Communion.  Email This Article

The "Magnificat" Phenomenon - George Weigel

Go to any Catholic venue in the United States — parish church, retreat center, convent, rectory, high school, college chaplaincy, retirement community — and you'll find it. On at least one occasion I saw it in the front seat of a cab. What is "it?" It's "Magnificat", the monthly missal/prayer book that's an astonishing success story — and, just perhaps, a sign of real progress in the reform of the reform of the liturgy.  Email This Article

The Almighty Father - Kenneth Baker, S.J.

In the Creed the Church attaches two attributes to the heavenly Father. She says that the Father is “almighty” and that he is the “maker of heaven and earth”. Let us reflect a few moments on what it means to say that God the Father is “almighty”.  Email This Article

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