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Religious Freedom in a Time of War - Richard John Neuhaus

An essay by the estimable Samuel Huntington in The Influence of Faith recounts the ways in which, for more and more governments in the world, religion is the chief source of, or threat to, their legitimacy. Contrary to secularist expectations in the West, we are witnessing what is aptly described as the desecularization of world history. States seek to control religion, if necessary through repression and persecution, precisely because religion is becoming more important. Christianity in particular is, around the world and in almost all its forms, the carrier of democracy and political liberalization.   Email This Article

Remembrance of Past Mercies - John Henry Cardinal Newman

"I am not worthy of the least of all the mercies, and of all the truth, which Thou hast showed unto Thy servant." (Gen. 32:10) The spirit of humble thankfulness for past mercies which these words imply, is a grace to which we are especially called in the Gospel.  Email This Article

Restoring a Church tradition - Michael Coren

It’s seldom the case that Christian liturgy makes the front pages of the international press.  Email This Article

Roman Catholicism - Fr. John Hardon, S.J.

Not the least difficulty in writing about Catholicism is the problem of isolating the subject. The history of the Catholic Church is so closely woven into Christian civilization that the one cannot be told fairly without the other.  Email This Article

Sacrament of Confirmation: Knighthood in the Kingdom Family of God - Thomas K. Sullivan

I think it is true to say, that the Sacrament of Confirmation is probably the least understood and most under-rated sacrament of them all. And for this reason, I will begin our investigation by first looking at the Biblical framework of the family of God, then with this as background, review the Church's teaching on the meaning of Confirmation, the strict obligation that comes with Confirmation, and the indescribable gift that God bestows on the one confirmed.  Email This Article

Saint Joseph of Cupertino: The Dunce (1603-1663) - Archbishop Alban Goodier S.J.

If ever a tiny child began life with nothing in his favor it was Joseph of Cupertino; he had only one hopeful and saving quality — that he knew it. Other boys of his own age were clever, he was easily the dullest of them all. Others were winning and attractive, nobody ever wanted him.   Email This Article

Saint Nicholas and the Origin of Santa Claus - Carol Myers

How did the kindly Christian saint, good Bishop Nicholas, become a roly-poly red-suited American symbol for merry holiday festivity and commercial activity?   Email This Article

Santa Claus vs. St. Nicholas? - Terry Mattingly

We see the headlines every two or three years during the holidays. A pastor preaches on the true meaning of Christmas, warning about sins of selfishness and materialism. Then, in a moment of candor, disaster strikes.  Email This Article

Satan and the Millennium - PETER KREEFT

Religion (which includes commandments) and “spirituality” (which doesn't) are increasingly the major combatants in our culture. The meaning of life, according to just about every single page of the Bible, is spiritual warfare.  Email This Article

Scandal Time III - Richard John Neuhaus

The meeting held in Dallas to address the scandals rocking the American Church was about many things, but chiefly it was about damage control. By that measure it may be judged a limited success though, as we shall see, it might have been purchased at the price of things more important than damage control.  Email This Article

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