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Our Father . . . in Heaven - Scott Hahn

If we want to be Christians, we have no choice but to pray “Our Father.” When the first disciples asked Jesus to teach them to pray, He taught them using those very words. To pray as a Christian means to pray “Our Father.”  Email This Article

Our Jewish Heritage - MARTIN K. BARRACK

The life of our Lord and the practice of Catholics is so much prefigured in our Jewish origins.  Email This Article

Padre Pio: The Saint of Our Time - WANDA POLTAWSKA

I could observe Padre Pio from a short distance. He was an old man at the time and walked very slowly. He celebrated Holy Mass with incredible intensity and with an expression of suffering on his face.  Email This Article

Pascal: The First Modern Christian - Edward T. Oakes

Inside all the talk about multiculturalism, contemporary culture often balks at including Christianity in its "gorgeous mosaic." This uneasiness has sometimes been dubbed the "ABC Rule," meaning "anything but Christianity." Undoubtedly Pascal would amend that to mean "anyone but Christ," for at root that is where the scandal lies.  Email This Article

Passing on the Faith - Basketball Style - Katrina J. Zeno

For decades, the normal offensive formation for basketball has been 2-1-2: a point guard, shooting guard, two forwards, and a center. In this formation, the center dominates with the ball revolving around him. But what does this have to do with passing on the faith?  Email This Article

Passing on the Keys - Gary Shirley

It’s election year in America. Time to endure that painful process where politicians, pollsters and pundits all vie for the national spotlight. Truth is stretched beyond recognition. Promises vaporize. Supposed chaos will prevail if we do not elect some enlightened candidate to save the nation.  Email This Article

Patience and Commitment - Donald DeMarco

Life is certainly confusing, especially if you have no principles to give it coherence, direction, and meaning.  Email This Article

Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration Chapels: Their Place in Our Busy World - Tom O'Toole

"The church and the world have a great need for Eucharistic worship. Jesus awaits us in this sacrament of love. Let us not refuse the time to meet Him in adoration in contemplation full of faith and open to making amends for serious offenses . . . of the world.  Email This Article

Persons Are Unrepeatable - John F. Crosby

We speak of individual animals, looking upon them simply as single specimens of a particular animal species. And this definition suffices.  Email This Article

Piety - Donald DeMarco

I am writing this article on Memorial Day, a time set aside for reflecting on the debt we owe to those who came before us and fought, struggled, and died in defending the values and privileges we often take for granted. Today is an occasion for thinking seriously and appreciatively about the virtue of piety.  Email This Article

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