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Obedience - Donald DeMarco

Obedience, to the secular mind — and more so than any other virtue — seems to be a vice.  Email This Article

Of the Blessed Man Paul the Simple - Unknown

Now there was a certain husbandman whose name was Paul, who was more simple and innocent in nature than are usually the children of men; and he had a wife who was beautiful in her appearance, and wicked in her deeds and actions.  Email This Article

On Earth As It Is in Heaven - Scott Hahn

We know we’re not in heaven now. Yet we know that heaven is all that matters. So what should we be doing on earth, for heaven’s sake?  Email This Article

On the Papacy and the Teaching Office of the Church - CARDINAL FRANCIS GEORGE

The different levels of authoritative teaching discussed here show that such teaching has to be interpreted carefully.  Email This Article

On The Will to Know The Truth: Newman on Why Men of Learning Often Do Not B - James V. Schall S.J.

Men of learning often do not believe because they do not will to know the truth that makes us free.  Email This Article

On Turning Around - James V. Schall

There is an expression of Platonic origin called "turning around," or sometimes, "conversion." It seems pertinent here in a more Christian context. In Plato, the phrase does not just mean a sudden reaction to something out of the ordinary. More profoundly, it refers to a reorienting of one's very soul on the basis of the new evidence or truth that is presented from outside our closed inner world.   Email This Article

One in Being with the Father - Fr. Kenneth Baker, S.J.

In the older translations of the Nicene Creed we used to profess of Jesus that he is "consubstantial with the Father".  Email This Article

Ordained to Sacrifice . . .Sacrifice and Vocations - Fr. John Hardon, S.J.

Every vocation is born of sacrifice, is maintained by sacrifice, and is measured in the apostolate by the sacrifice of those whom God calls to the priesthood or the religious life. This should not be surprising, once we realize that it was by His sacrifice that Christ redeemed the world. The servant is not greater than his Master. In fact, the more intimate one’s vocation to the service of Christ, the more demanding will be the sacrifices required.  Email This Article

Orthodoxy: Chesterton on the "Delight" of Truth - Rev. James V. Schall. S.J.

This essay might be about the "splendor" of truth rather than about its "delight," but John Paul II has famously claimed the "splendor" for himself — Veritatis Splendor. Chesterton simply rejoices in truth, but not just for the sake of his own rejoicing, but because there is something to rejoice about.  Email This Article

Our Father - Scott Hahn

I was a teenage college student and still savoring my recent experience of conversion. I had been "born again," saved by Christ from sins that would have destroyed me, and I was eager to share my faith with other kids who seemed headed for delinquency.  Email This Article

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