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Messing with the Mass: The problem of priestly narcissism today - Paul Vitz & Daniel C. Vitz

It has been frequently noted that the mass since Vatican II has fallen victim to various kinds of irregularities.  Email This Article


The modern sceptic typically assumes that everything we experience can be explained by the sciences without any supernatural agency, any God, any miracles? Here are twelve common forms this objection takes in our day along with twelve brilliant responses by Peter Kreeft.  Email This Article

Modest Dress in the Modern World - Fr. William Saunders

Recently I attended a wedding and the bride wore a gown with her shoulders bare and a good bit of her back and front exposed. When I was growing up, such dress would not be allowed in Church. Are there any norms for modest dress?  Email This Article

Moral Truth and the End of Man - Senator Rick Santorum

Intellectual formation building intellectual capital is all about conforming our minds to the truth. But as I said at the start, truth and goodness go hand in hand. So we also have to talk about how morality fits into the formation of intellectual capital. To do that, please permit me to dig a little deeper into philosophy than is usual in a book on public policy.  Email This Article

More Reflections on the Incarnation - Fr. Kenneth Baker, S.J.

It is a dogma of Catholic faith that God became man in Jesus. We profess our belief in this article every time we pray the Creed.  Email This Article

Most Precious Treasure - Tim Drake

Historically, perpetual eucharistic adoration was reserved only for cloistered convents and monasteries. Today it is a form of devotion on the increase among the laity. "People come to adoration because they are hungry and thirsty for the Lord," says Father Conlin, pastor of St. Columba Parish in St. Paul. "They find peace by being with him and they come away more focused, more courageous and more generous in living their faith."  Email This Article

Mother Angelica's Little Book of Life Lessons and Everyday Spirituality - Raymond Arroyo

Are you unsure of your purpose in life? Stuck in the past and worried about the future? Hamstrung by fear, failure, or trials? Mother is here to help.  Email This Article

Mother Angelica: She Left Hell and Took to the Air; TV nun celebrates 20 ye - Tim Drake

Mother Angelica founded the Eternal Word Network 20 years ago. She speaks candidly here with Register features correspondent Tim Drake about her difficult childhood, finding her vocation, and starting EWTN.  Email This Article

New Research Confirms Life After Death - National Catholic Register

Survivors of close brushes with death recount a common story of the journey that they almost took into the afterlife. Until now, scientists have been almost universally skeptical of these claims.  Email This Article

Newman and the Laity - PAUL CHAVASSE

The emergence of the Catholic Church in England from the shadows that had engulfed it at the time of the Reformation was a process both long and difficult.  Email This Article

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