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A Close Encounter With the Angel of Death - Peter Kreeft

Because "he jests at scars who never felt a wound," and because the dimension of personal experience might be thought to be conspicuous by its absence, I include here after much hesitation these candid excerpts from my personal diary written in the hospital where my wife and I suddenly found ourselves confronting a brain tumor in our five-year-old daughter. This excerpt, taken from my book Love is Stronger Than Death, was written before this "close encounter," not as a result of it. I include it simply as my other half: the book is my mind, this is my guts.  Email This Article

A Lifetime of Learning - George Weigel

Pope Benedict becomes the teacher he always wanted to be.  Email This Article

A Meditation on Evil - James V. Schall, S.J.

The meditation on evil is not itself morbid or somber, though evil itself is. Socrates said in The Republic that virtue can know vice but vice cannot know evil. The penalty for vice is the vice itself, the not seeing the good in its fullness, the good that ought to be there.   Email This Article

A New Evangelization in a New Millennium: A Call for a New Apologetics - Cardinal Francis George OMI

For those of us seeking to generate a new apologetics in a new evangelization capable of drawing all closer to Christ, His Church, and one another, the account of Jesus' disposition toward the adulteress and her accusers is instructive.  Email This Article

A Photograph of Jesus - JEFFREY HART

The Shroud of Turin is generally thought to be a remarkable medieval artifact. But not so fast.  Email This Article

A River Runs to It: A New Exodus of Protestants Streams to Rome - BRAD WILCOX

We’re seeing the first signs of an avalanche of conversions and reconversions. In 1998, more than 88,000 Protestants were received into the Catholic Church (and more than 73,000 adults were baptized, many of them from Protestant backgrounds) and the Protestants [now] coming into the Church are the most devoted Protestants, people deeply committed to Scripture and prayer. What accounts for this Protestant exodus at the twilight of the 20th century?  Email This Article

A Time to Appraise Religious Texts: Catechesis and Education - Michael O'Brien

Michael O’Brien has a reputation for boldly and cogently cutting through Catholic controversy with a clear and common sense application of orthodox principles. This article, written in 1993, analyzed a number of very weak catechetical programs being used in the U.K. at that time. The principles O’Brien articulates are so well developed we thought this article would be helpful beyond the particular controversy then raging. The program “Weaving the Web” has since been dropped for a much more solid program which is at this time also being developed for use at the primary level.  Email This Article

Acting Niggardly - DONALD DEMARCO

The “right to be offended,” at virtually any time and under nearly any set of circumstances, is considered to be one of the more sacrosanct contributions of political correctness. What stern judgment should we impose then, on the poor, unenlightened soul who washes his floor with Spic and Span, paints his walls with Day-Glo, serves sauerkraut, Swedish meatballs, and Aunt Jemima pancakes to his guests whose necks have been reddened by exposure to the summer sun?  Email This Article

Activities for Lent - COLEEN ROONEY

Pope Paul VI in 1969 reminded us in his introduction to the revised liturgical calendar that the season of Lent/Easter is a special time of the year and exerts much influence upon us which can lead to a deepening of our faith if we make use of it. The following are some activities that you may find helpful as you participative with your family (especially with young children) in observing these special 40 days.  Email This Article

Advent Dynamism - Fr. Roger Landry

Happy New Year! This week the Church, indeed, inaugurates a new year dedicated to our reliving in time the central mysteries of the life of Christ. Christ is the “the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end” (Rv 22:13), and the Church has us begin each year focusing both on the end and on the beginning so that we might better live the present.  Email This Article

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