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Lenten Music - ERIC M. JOHNSON

Few people today would think of Lent as a season for liturgical music. This is all very regrettable because when you look back at musical history, Lent has been an enormous source of inspiration for composers.  Email This Article

Lesson One in Prayer - Peter Kreeft

Let's get very, very basic and very, very practical about prayer. The single most important piece of advice I know about prayer is also the simplest: Just do it!  Email This Article

Lessons from a Holy Man What Today's Catholics Can Learn from Padre Pio - CHARLES M. MANGAN

What is there to glean from the life of Padre Pio? Plenty! His enthusiasm for Jesus Christ and His Church is contagious.  Email This Article

Life after Death - PETER KREEFT

This is chapter 10 from Peter Kreeft's remarkable book Fundamentals of the Faith: Essays in Christian Apologetics. Here are bite-sized little essays, forays into key areas of the battlefield in the greatest war ever fought, the war for the minds and souls of human beings, the images of God.  Email This Article

Life Principles: A Model for Teaching the Philosophy of the Pro-Life Movement - Robert Spitzer, S.J., Ph.D.

The Life Principles Program is a project devoted to explaining the underlying philosophy of the pro-life movement to a secular culture. This uniquely rational and commonly accessible approach has had a powerful and overwhelmingly successful effect on the positive education of pro-life issues around the country. Here following is a short-course in the Life Principles by founder Robert Spitzer, S.J., Ph.D.  Email This Article

Lightheartedness - Donald DeMarco

Lightheartedness is a most suitable virtue for man since he is essentially a lighthearted being. He is a lighthearted being who has fallen from grace and aspires to rise again.  Email This Article

Listening at the Liturgy - REV. BENEDICT J. GROESCHEL

The liturgy exhorts us with beautiful verses to respond to the readings in an enthusiastic way, not only with voice but with mind and heart.  Email This Article

Living Lent - Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops

What does Lent mean today? How do we keep it? What can our family do?   Email This Article

Living Simply - Rev. Thomas G. Morrow

In every age, when the Church has pursued reform, the reformers have gotten back to a life of profound poverty.  Email This Article

Maker of Heaven and Earth - Kenneth Baker, S.J.

At the conclusion of the first part of the Creed we profess our belief that God the Father is the “maker of heaven and earth, of all that is seen and unseen”.  Email This Article

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