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How Does the Weakness of the Cross Make Us Strong? - Peter Kreeft

"When I am weak, then I am strong"; "power made perfect in weakness." Such verses are often cited as key to spiritual growth, but do we really understand what they are talking about? Can anyone ever understand?  Email This Article

How to Explain the Importance of Praying Before the Blessed Sacrament - Doug McManaman

Ive been teaching high school for 20 years now, and reflecting back on those years, I can say that the easiest moments in teaching, the times when students were the most quiet and well behaved, were those times when I was teaching on the Eucharist.  Email This Article

How to Live in the Presence of God - Fr. John A. Hardon, S.J.

The Savior is described by St. Luke as telling His followers to pray continually. It is a universal duty applying to all believers. It means that we are really commanded both to pray always, and forbidden to cease doing so. What can the Holy Spirit possibly mean?  Email This Article

How to Pray - Rev C. John McCloskey

It's fully possible for the ordinary layperson to have an intense life of prayer, indeed even being a mystic, while at the same faithfully fulfilling their obligations in the world.  Email This Article

How To Read Scripture Like Jesus And The Apostles - Steven Kellmeyer

We don't need to be ancient language scholars in order to read Scripture as Jesus and the apostles did; we need only a good translation and an ear for the four-fold sense.  Email This Article

How to Read the Prophets - Tim Gray

When we think of prophets we immediately think of predictions about the future. Surely this is a part of the prophetic tradition in Scripture, as God reminds Ezekiel. However, there is much more to the meaning and message of the prophets than simply future predictions.  Email This Article

How to Receive the Eucharist - Rev. Adrian J. Parcher, O.S.B.

Often in modern liturgy, the sense of reverence, of dignity, of awe, seems to have disappeared.  Email This Article

Human Freedom - John F. Crosby

Any philosopher who takes man seriously as person is sure to affirm the freedom of persons. There are, of course, no lack of philosophers who deny freedom, but none of them ever makes a point of saying that human beings are persons. Personhood and freedom are inseparable. In his personalism, Pope John Paul II has much to say about freedom, just as we would expect.  Email This Article

Humble Confidence - Rev. Jean C. J. d'Elbe

You must believe in the love of Jesus for you. Love calls for love. How do you give Jesus love for love? Before all and above all, by your confidence in Him.  Email This Article

Humility - Donald DeMarco

The humble person makes a realistic assessment of who he is and puts that unillusioned judgment into practice. He does not judge himself to be smaller or larger than he really is. In so doing he avoids despair as well as pride. Consequently, the humble person enjoys the freedom to be who he is.   Email This Article

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