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Give Me Sixty Seconds On the Clock Please - Carol Kennedy

When I saw the headline declaring that the Columbia crew may have had as much as one minute knowing what would happen before their ship exploded, my Catholic mind sighed with relief. But this was not the response of the writer of the article, or of the world.  Email This Article

Give the Old Testament to the Christian People - PAUL CLAUDEL

The Old Testament must be given back to Christians. Nothing is more necessary nor more urgent.  Email This Article

Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread - Scott Hahn

There’s something childlike about the turn we take with the fourth petition of the Lord’s Prayer. In the first three petitions, we prayed to God for the sake of His name, His will, His kingdom.  Email This Article

Gloria in Excelsis Deo! - Arlene Oost-Zinner and Jeffrey Tucker

Why is Gregorian chant making a comeback?  Email This Article

Gnosticism and the Struggle for the World's Soul - Father Alfonso Aguilar

At the beginning of the third millennium three worldviews compete to conquer the minds and hearts of peoples and cultures, the world's soul: materialistic relativism, Gnosticism and Christianity. The New Evangelization demands a clear-cut separation between Gnosticism and Christianity if we want to bring every thirsty person to the Water of Life.  Email This Article

God Our Father - Kenneth Baker, S.J.

In the Christian tradition, we are accustomed to call God our “Father”. Jesus himself taught us to pray, “Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.”   Email This Article

Going to Heaven - Grace McKinnon

Dear Grace, I come from a large Catholic family and some of us attend Mass every week. There are also those who never go, but they are not bad people. They are prayerful, but never attend church. What I want to know is, if they died in the state in which they are living, would they go to heaven even though they never attended church, yet lived as good people?  Email This Article

Good Friday - Grace MacKinnon

Dear Grace, I have never understood why the day Jesus died a horrible, painful death on the Cross is called "Good Friday." Please tell me why we call it good.  Email This Article

Graciousness: a Cardinal Virtue - Donald DeMarco

Graciousness is the virtue that counts human dignity to be infinitely more important than the more conspicuous features of talent, status, or reputation.  Email This Article

Gratitude - Donald DeMarco

There can be no happiness without gratitude. We need to know whom to thank for the gift of life. But we also need to thank Him, and the proper form of thanks is to safeguard and cherish what we have been given.  Email This Article

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