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Faustina Kowalska is a Gift of the Land of Poland to the Whole Church - ZENIT

“With Faustina Kowalska, the great message of Divine Mercy penetrates the sufferings of the 20th century to reach the Christians of the new millennium,” John Paul II said this morning, when opening the solemn ceremony for the canonization of the Polish nun, in the presence of some 200,000 pilgrims.  Email This Article

Feast of Christ the King - Fr. Douglas Pankhurst

My dear friends: This Liturgical year began on the First Sunday of Advent, and it ends today with the Feast of Christ the King. During the Liturgical year, we re-live the life of Christ and try to immerse ourselves in the kingdom he came to establish. It is right, therefore, to ask yourselves at this end of the year: "Is Christ more king of my life now than a year ago?"   Email This Article

Fidelity - Donald DeMarco

The son of Lithuanian immigrants, Edward Krauciunas grew up in the Back of the Yards section of Chicago, which was well known for it knockdown-dragout toughness.  Email This Article

Finding Faith - SIGRID UNDSET

Sigrid Undset, who won the Noble prize for literature in 1928, explains freedom and authority as they concern a person’s relationship with the Catholic Church. We have a basic mistrust for all authority that is of this world, and at the same time our human nature is subject to an incurable desire for authority.  Email This Article

Finding God in the Details - Tim Gray

Biblical narratives recount great events and people, and from these stories one is to learn — by both the good and the evil characters and their deeds — how to live according to God’s plan. Reading biblical narratives, however, takes much more work and skill than we modern readers are accustomed to exerting.  Email This Article

Flying with Both Wings: Why Christians Need Philosophy - JOHN F. CROSBY

Let us look at the striking opening line of Pope John Paul II’s latest encyclical, Fides et Ratio: “Faith and reason are like two wings on which the human spirit rises to the contemplation of truth.” Notice: not faith alone, but faith and reason.  Email This Article

Following Mary's Advent Footsteps - Fr. Roger J. Landry

Each year, on the fourth Sunday of Advent, the Church has us focus on the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Email This Article

Forgive Us . . . As We Forgive - Scott Hahn

The “Our Father” is a prayer of limitless depth. Taken all at once, it can be overwhelming. So it’s good for us to take the time, as we have been doing, to meditate upon each of the prayer’s petitions individually.  Email This Article

Forgiveness - Donald DeMarco

The exalted nature of forgiveness is attested to by the fact that it presupposes a number of other virtues. Consider three virtues in particular: justice, clemency, and mercy.  Email This Article

Forgiveness - Donald DeMarco

So exalted is forgiveness that it has long been described as supernatural. "To err is human, but to forgive is divine." Or, to modify this timeless maxim slightly, "To err is human, but to forgive is superhuman."  Email This Article

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