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Examination of Conscience for Children - unknown

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Exorcisms On the Rise - Paul Burnell

In a world where Satanists appear on prime-time TV, neo-pagan religions gather vast followings and tarot card readings are available in the newspapers, experts say it’s no surprise that the number of exorcisms worldwide is rising.  Email This Article

Exploring the Beauty of the Mass - Fr. William Saunders

A person I know has left the Catholic Church and joined a non-denominational Church. One of her reasons is that every worship service is different, while at Mass we always do that same things. What is a good way to respond to her? Why is the Mass the way it is?  Email This Article

Exposing Relativism: Three Stories - J. BUDZISZEWSKI

The three entertaining stories which follow — taken from J. Budziszewski’s article “Handling Issues of Conscience” — effectively blow the whistle on relativism, exposing the self-deception and inconsistency which necessarily accompany that widely held position.  Email This Article

Faith and Freedom: In praise of religious liberty - Robert A. Sirico

The first American president put his finger on an important difference between the role of religion in the U.S. and that professed and practiced by the likes of the Taliban. In many parts of the world, religion inspires despotism, unending bloodshed, and war; but here, many faiths, each vigorous in its truth-claims, live at peace with each other and form the foundation of society.  Email This Article

Faith and the Good News - Rev. Kenneth Baker, S.J.

Since practically every article of the Nicene Creed — which we profess at Mass every Sunday — has been called into question and put in doubt in recent years by some theologians and intellectuals, I have thought it best to begin this series with a number of articles on the Creed. Let us start with the Catholic notion of faith.  Email This Article

Faith in the Church - Fr. Kenneth Baker, S.J.

The Nicene Creed embodies our official profession of faith as Roman Catholics. The three major sections concern the Holy Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. In the final section we profess our faith in the Church, Baptism, resurrection of the dead and eternal life. Let us reflect on our faith in the Church.  Email This Article

Father and Son - Fr. Kenneth Baker, S.J.

The Creed that we pray at Mass every Sunday devotes more space to explaining the unique relationship of Jesus, the Son, to the Father, than it does to any other single item.  Email This Article

Father Cantalamessa on Pruning - Father Raniero Cantalamessa

Here is a translation of a commentary by Capuchin Father Raniero Cantalamessa, preacher to the Pontifical Household, on this Sunday's Gospel reading.  Email This Article

Father Richard Neuhaus on the Iraqi Crisis - Zenit

Father Neuhaus, would the just war principles of Catholic doctrine allow for military action against Iraq?  Email This Article

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