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Capital Punishment (Part 2) - FR. WILLIAM SAUNDERS

Last week Straight Answers explicated the traditional teaching of the Church which upholds the right of the state to execute certain criminals. Now, we must address the application of the this teaching in our present society.  Email This Article

Cardinals, Conclaves and a New Pope - Fr. William Saunders

Recently, the media has speculated on the health and condition of Pope John Paul II, and on his death. When our Holy Father dies and goes to his heavenly reward, how will the next pope be elected?  Email This Article

Cathedrals, Shrines and Basilicas - Fr. William Saunders

Is a basilica the same as a cathedral? What about a shrine? If not, what makes them different?  Email This Article

Catholics and Freemasonry - Fr. William Saunders

There seems to be some confusion about whether Catholics are allowed to be Masons. I know some Catholics who are Masons. They say that the Church has changed its ban on Masons, and Catholics may join. I donít think so. What is the Straight Answer?  Email This Article

Celibate Priesthood - Fr. William Saunders

Lately, there has been so much talk about whether or not priests should get married. Why does the Church mandate that priests be celibate?  Email This Article

Choirs of Angels - Fr. William Saunders

With all of the talk about angels, the multitude of pictures and books about them, and even the television shows with angels, why don't we ever hear more about them? Some of these shows make angels seem like fantasy spirits. Too many people have a superficial view of angels.  Email This Article

Christmas Candles - FR. WILLIAM SAUNDERS

Do you know where the custom of placing lit candles in windows started?  Email This Article

Church Has One Faith, Two Creeds - Fr. William Saunders

I noticed that in my worship aid at my Church, the Nicene Creed and the Apostlesí Creed are both printed. There is some small print referring to "The Directory for Childrenís Masses" above the Apostlesí Creed. Is there an option? Why are there two creeds?  Email This Article

Church Teaching on Contraception (Part 1) - Fr. William Saunders

The topic of contraception is so controversial. It seems to always come up at work and many bash the Church for its teaching, including Catholics. I do not seem to know how to defend the Church as well as I should. Could you give an explanation? (note: This is the first in a six-part series on contraception.)  Email This Article

Church Teaching on Contraception (Part 2) - Fr. William Saunders

Given our understanding of marriage and marital love, we can readily see that the most beautiful expression of love in marriage is marital love, or physical love, or sexual intercourse, or conjugal love ó whatever term one prefers.   Email This Article

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