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Shroud of Turin - Part 1 - FR. WILLIAM SAUNDERS

Recently, several parishes have hosted talks on the Shroud of Turin. Some of my friends just say it is a fake because of the recent carbon dating. Perhaps you could explain what we believe about this item and the significance of it.  Email This Article

Shroud of Turin - Part 2 - FR. WILLIAM SAUNDERS

Last week, Straight Answers provided an introductory overview of the Shroud of Turin, which is believed by many to be the burial cloth of our Lord. This week, we will review the scientific research gathered on the Shroud, especially by the STURP (Shroud of Turin Research Project) team in 1978.  Email This Article

Shroud of Turin - Part 3 - FR. WILLIAM SAUNDERS

Last week we began our review of the scientific evidence concerning the Shroud of Turin, examining the cloth itself, which clearly originated in Palestine, and the blood stains, which point to a scourged and crucified man. We will now continue with reviewing the photographic studies and the uniqueness of the image.  Email This Article

Shroud of Turin - Part 4 - FR. WILLIAM SAUNDERS

Given the scientific evidence, we can summarize that the Shroud evidences a crucified man, who was crowned with thorns and scourged, and who lived in the area of Palestine near Jerusalem at the time of Pontius Pilate. However, significant controversy remains about the Shroud.  Email This Article

Shrove Tuesday - Fr. William Saunders

What is Shrove Tuesday? Also, do you have any idea why my parish has always had a pancake dinner on Shrove Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday?  Email This Article


Silent Night is such a beautiful Christmas carol, known by every Christian. What can you tell me about it?  Email This Article

St. Anthony of Padua: Patron of Lost Things - Fr. William Saunders

I have chosen St. Anthony as my confirmation saint, and I have to write a report about him. Why is St. Anthony the patron saint of lost things?  Email This Article

St. Francis and the Christmas Creche - FR. WILLIAM SAUNDERS

What is the origin of the Nativity Scene (creche)?  Email This Article

St. Helena and the True Cross - Fr. William Saunders

In my parish, we have a stained glass window which shows St. Helena holding a cross. When I asked another parishioner "why?" she did not know. What is the reason?  Email This Article


St. Joseph truly is the silent figure of the New Testament. For instance, the Gospel does not record one spoken verse for St. Joseph. Nevertheless, what this great saint did in his life for God speaks volumes. To appreciate him and his role in salvation, we need to glean the Gospels.  Email This Article

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