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Parochial Vicar and Administrator - Fr. William Saunders

I would like to know the meaning of the terms “parochial vicar” and “administrator.” Why are they now being used? When I was growing up, we had only pastors and assistant pastors in our parishes.  Email This Article

Pastors, Administrators, Parochial Vicars - Fr. William Saunders

I saw all of the new priest assignments in the HERALD, and my parish is getting an "administrator." Didn’t it used to be that we had pastors and assistant pastors? Now we have administrators and parochial vicars. Is there a difference?  Email This Article

Personally Against Abortion, But Pro-Choice - FR. WILLIAM SAUNDERS

Sometimes I have met Catholics who say, "I am personally against abortion, but I am pro-choice." To me, that makes no sense, but how can I argue with them?  Email This Article

Physical Reminders of Our Faith: the Wearing of Religious Medals - FR. WILLIAM SAUNDERS

My child received a medal with a picture of his saint on it for First Communion. When a Protestant friend asked the meaning, I think I gave a pretty good answer, but I hope you can give a better explanation.  Email This Article

Possible War with Iraq - Fr. William Saunders

I have a question about the possible war with Iraq. Several leaders of our Church have spoken out on this issue, including Cardinal Theodore McCarrick and Bishop Wilton Gregory. What would be the moral teaching of our Church concerning war?  Email This Article

Praying to Our Advocates in Heaven - FR. WILLIAM SAUNDERS

Protestant friends often ask me, "Why do Catholics pray to saints?" While I try to answer as best I can, I would like a thorough answer from you.  Email This Article


Recently, I read that a certain Archdiocese is no longer going to ask couples who are cohabitating — living together — to separate. Am I missing something, or has the Church stopped teaching that premarital sex is wrong?  Email This Article

Preparing for First Penance - Fr. William Saunders

My child is preparing for First Penance. The director of religious education at my parish said that a person only has to go to confession when he has a mortal sin. I know children that have not gone to confession since First Penance. I was taught that a person had to make an “Easter Duty” of going to confession and Holy Communion. What is the straight answer?  Email This Article

Proper Etiquette - Fr. William Saunders

What is the proper etiquette for addressing Church leaders?   Email This Article

Prudence: Mother of All Virtues - Fr. William Saunders

I keep hearing about the importance of virtue and being virtuous, but no one explains what virtue is. Why don’t you do a column about this?  Email This Article

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