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Must Catholics Marry in a Church? - FR. WILLIAM SAUNDERS

Do Catholics have to be married in the Catholic Church? The "straight answer" is simply "yes," but letís understand also the "why."  Email This Article

Natural Family Planning (part 4) - Fr. William Saunders

While condemning the use of contraception, the Church also recognizes that some couples face serious situations in their marriage and family which move them to postpone a pregnancy, even indefinitely.  Email This Article

Non-Catholics and Communion - FR. WILLIAM SAUNDERS

I am writing about the paragraph in The Washington Times story (3/30/98, page A6) of President Clinton and his Sunday visit to Regina Mundi Catholic Church in Soweto, South Africa. To quote: "The President, a Southern Baptist, partook of the Catholic Communion, as did Mrs. Clinton and many members of the White House staff." Why did this happen? Who permitted this wrong? I answer, "Shame, shame, shame." What is your answer to this insult?  Email This Article

Ordination Confers Indelible Stamp - FR. WILLIAM SAUNDERS

Recently you wrote about sacraments being valid even if the priest is in a state of mortal sin. What about a priest who leaves the priesthood? Would he still be able to perform the sacraments?  Email This Article

Organ Donations - Part 1 - FR. WILLIAM SAUNDERS

Recently, my pastor suggested to his parishioners that they should consider donating their organs for medical usage and for the benefit of other human beings. What is the Magisterium's teaching on the subject of organ donations?  Email This Article

Organ Donations - Part 2 - FR. WILLIAM SAUNDERS

Last week, "Straight Answers" addressed the issue of organ transplantation from a deceased donor to a recipient in need. Such a procedure is deemed morally good as long as the donor before death or next of kin after death have approved the donation, the person is dead before the organs are taken, and the organs have not been knowingly obtained from abortions. Now, we can address the issue of organs donated from living donors.  Email This Article

Organ Transplants and Cloning - FR. WILLIAM SAUNDERS

I saw an article in the Post about the Holy Father condemning the cloning of human embryos for organ transplants. Would you please explain better the Churchís teaching on this subject?  Email This Article

Our Lady of Guadalupe - FR. WILLIAM SAUNDERS

Last Spring you wrote about the Shroud of Turin. What about the image of our Lady of Guadalupe? Is there any scientific evidence about it?  Email This Article

Our Lady of La Salette - Rev. William Saunders

Last weekend, I attended the 50th ordination anniversary of Father Joseph Loftus. I learned that he had belonged to the Missionaries of La Salette. What is the story of Our Lady of La Salette?  Email This Article

Papal Tiara - Fr. William Saunders

When visiting the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception I saw the papal crown of Pope Paul VI. Do the popes still wear this crown? I donít remember seeing Pope John Paul II ever wearing it.  Email This Article

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