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How Should We Keep the Sabbath? - FR. WILLIAM SAUNDERS

I was wondering if you could comment about the true meaning and implications of keeping the Sabbath in our very complex and busy modern times.  Email This Article

How to Address Church Officials - FR. WILLIAM SAUNDERS

At the diocesan anniversary Mass this August, I had the pleasure of meeting Bishop Loverde. I am embarrassed to say that I was not sure how to address him –— just Bishop, your eminence, or what.  Email This Article

Indulgences - Fr. William Saunders

Please explain the meaning of indulgences, including partial indulgences. Many of my family and friends do not understand their purpose, what they really are in terms of remission of sins, their connection with purgatory, length of time involved, etc.   Email This Article

Inquisitive About the Inquisition - FR. WILLIAM SAUNDERS

Every now and then, I have heard people bring up the Inquisition and use it to slam against the Church. What are the facts about the Inquisition?  Email This Article

Invalid Baptisms - Rev. William Saunders

Recently, a relative in Quebec told me that in her diocese, 295 baptisms had been declared invalid because they weren’t done properly. Could you please explain this further? How could this have happened?  Email This Article

Is Baptism Necessary for Salvation? - Fr. William Saunders

Is baptism necessary for salvation? I am very concerned because my niece has not had her children, ages 7 and 8, baptized?  Email This Article

Is Christopher Still a Saint? - FR. WILLIAM SAUNDERS

Whatever happened to St. Christopher? Is he still a saint?  Email This Article

Is Gambling a Sin? - FR. WILLIAM SAUNDERS

My Baptist friend says that gambling is a sin. Yet, I know many good Catholics who visit places like Atlantic City and play slot machines and the like, or schools that have casino nights as fund raisers. What should I say to my friend?  Email This Article

Is Hell a Choice Made on Earth? - FR. WILLIAM SAUNDERS

A friend recently challenged my beliefs about hell. He described hell as a state of being where God is always present, loving the damned, and sinners are frozen by their sins to the points where existing sinless becomes unattractive to them. When welcomed into heaven, they choose instead to exist in hell until they can choose to finally accept God. What are the Church’s teachings on hell? Is a hell a choice made on earth?  Email This Article

Is Missing Mass a Mortal Sin? - FR. WILLIAM SAUNDERS

I was visiting relatives over Easter, and sadly they do not attend Mass. I went to Mass, and reminded them that missing Mass was a mortal sin. They said, "Oh, that was in the old days. Missing Mass is no longer a mortal sin." What do you say? Please give me some ammunition.  Email This Article

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