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A Portable Church History – Book Review - George Sim Johnston

Catholics need to know their own story but balk at opening those multi-volume Church histories. H.W. Crocker III has written a book that solves the problem. I am still scratching my head over how he did it, but in “Triumph” he has told 2,000 years of Catholic history in fewer than 500 highly readable pages. The book has all the virtues of a good novel while packing an enormous amount of information.  Popular  Read more...

Rewriting history - Robert Fulford

The most valuable public work of an intellectual often turns out to be negative, the scraping away of congealed misconceptions that limit our understanding of reality.  Read more...

Ways out of the Christian ghetto - Joseph Weiler

A Jewish scholar reflects on what can reverse the retreat of Christians before militant secularism.  Read more...

What Europe Really Needs - Paul Johnson

The Continent has turned its back on both the past and the future.  Read more...

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