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Contemplata Tradere: On Its Being Better to Illuminate Than Merely To Shine - James V. Schall, S.J.

Certain questions, good questions, never seem to be asked any more.  Email This Article

Courage - Donald DeMarco

The various virtues — courage, compassion, generosity, and so on — still ring well in the secular ear. But the secular world’s interest in the meaning behind these positive sounding words is minimal.  Email This Article

Course's gay 'plunges' earn school a PC award - ANDREA BILLUPS

For their efforts at training new teachers, San Diego State has been named the top winner of the Intercollegiate Studies Institute's Polly Awards, handed out each year for outrageous examples of political correctness on college campuses.  Email This Article

Creativity begins with discipline - Robert Fulford

Education, as education bureaucrats will tell you, is the road to the future.  Email This Article

Curbing Bad Language - Thomas Lickona & Matthew Davidson

In a 1999 Zogby Poll of New York State teachers, 77 percent ranked students' use of profanity as their most serious behavior problem. How can we teach students to be more reflective and respectful in their use of language?  Email This Article

Cynicism, Justice, and the Teaching Profession - Doug McManaman

Cynicism has become more widespread over the years. The causes of this encroaching cynicism among Catholic teachers in particular are complex and cannot easily be reduced to a single one.  Email This Article

Don’t Know Much About Liturgy, Don’t Know Much Theology - Marian E. Crowe

Almost every year since 1989, I have been teaching the Arts and Letters Core Course at the University of Notre Dame, an introduction to the liberal arts curriculum that is required of all undergraduates in the College of Arts and Letters. What I have discovered suggests something pretty surprising: Although 85 percent of Notre Dame undergraduates identify themselves as Catholics, very few of them either know much about or understand even the most basic Catholic teachings.  Email This Article

Dorm Brothel - Vigen Guroian

Nineteen sixty-six, the year in which Walker Percy's The Last Gentleman was published, is also the year I entered as a first-yearman at the University of Virginia. We did not stoop to the State U level of referring to ourselves as freshmen, sophomores, and such — not at "The University." We were all men at U.Va. — "gentlemen," we were told.   Email This Article

Drug Education - William Kilpatrick

Like so many other drug education programs, Quest is a feelings-based program operating on the dubious assumption that morality is a by-product of "feeling good about yourself." Critics of the feelings based therapeutic approach claim that while it may be useful in therapy, it has no place in drug education.  Email This Article

Educating in the Jesuit Tradition - Robert Spitzer, S.J.

Frequently our students come into the university domain thinking that all opinions are equally valid. This view has threatened the intellectual development of students since the time of Socrates because it allows students to think that incomplete, illogical, and nonsystematic thought is “good enough.” Unfortunately, it never is.  Email This Article

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