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Christian culture and the lives of the saints - Christopher Dawson

Whereas the secular historian is in no way committed to the cultures of the past, the Catholic is bound to the past by his belief in the continuity of tradition, so that he sees all the successive ages of the Church and all the different forms of Christian culture as an organic part of one living whole in which he participates.   Email This Article

Christianity and Public Education: Do they Go Together - Chuck Colson

In his article, "Integrating Faith and Public Schools Without Mixing Church and State", Eric Buehrer says that teaching students about Christianity and its positive influence on American culture is not only possible, it's legal, and a legitimate academic pursuit for public schools.  Email This Article

Christianity Reflected In Two Historic Writings From Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. - Eric Buehrer

February is Black History Month. Many schools will highlight the contributions and accomplishments of various African-Americans in history. This provides an excellent opportunity for students to also learn about the influence of Christianity on the Civil Rights Movement. For example, if students are to truly understand Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s activities for Civil Rights, they need to understand how Christianity influenced his thinking.  Email This Article

Christopher Dawson: A View from the Social Sciences - Russell Hittinger

The Catholic Intellectual Renaissance earlier in this century made extraordinary contributions in literature, philosophy, and theology. It did not happen by accident. Catholic institutions, as well as the surrounding secular culture of the late nineteenth century, still contained the conditions for a renewal of those disciplines.  Email This Article

Class(room) Warriors - John Leo

The cultural left has a new tool for enforcing political conformity in schools of education.  Email This Article

Coach’s Character Development Self-Evaluation Checklist - Matthew L. Davidson, Kelli Moran-Miller, and Jeffrey Pratt Beedy

This checklist is designed to provide information on coaches’ approach to character development. It is designed to collect important information that can help guide future discussions about character development in sports.   Email This Article

Coming Clean: The Real Truth About Men's and Women's Brains - James Bowman

In the school where I once taught, they used to tell the story of the smart-alecky boy in chemistry class who, upon being given meticulous instructions as to the day’s classwork, put his hand up and asked: "Please, sir, why do we need to do this experiment? You already know how it comes out, and we don’t care."  Email This Article

Commentary on the General Directory for Catechesis - RAYMOND L. BURKE, D.D., J.C.D.

On August 11, 1997, Pope John Paul II approved for publication the General Directory for Catechesis as the norm and instrument for the church in fulfilling her fundamental responsibility of teaching the faith.  Email This Article

Common-Sense Schooling - Frederick M. Hess

Amidst the politicized debates over the No Child Left Behind Act's provisions on testing, sanctions, spending and teacher quality, it is easy for voters and policymakers to lose sight of the essential question: How do we build systems of schools that foster excellence?  Email This Article

Competition passes the test - Jay P. Greene & Marcus A. Winters

Still more evidence that public schools improve when threatened with the loss of students and money.  Email This Article

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