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Be Not Afraid - Colleen Carroll Campbell

When the students, faculty, and staff of the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minn., elected Ben Kessler as “Tommie of the Year” and student speaker for this year’s commencement, they got more than they bargained for.  Email This Article

Benedictine College Embraces Mandatum - Tim Drake

Archbishop James Patrick Keleher had a problem that's good to have. He didn't need to invite Benedictine College's theology faculty to apply for the mandatum — they all came to him.  Email This Article

Bless U. - Susan Kinzie

A couple of guys yelled, "Padre!" when they saw the Rev. Robert Schlageter barreling into the dorm in his black friar's robes cinched with rope. "You getting your rooms blessed, you little pagans?" he hollered back.  Email This Article

Boys' brains are from Mars - Anne Marie Owens

"Girls and boys are as different from the neck up as they are from the neck down," JoAnn Deak says at the outset of her talk, which is called Taking the Mean Out of Teen. "I've come to believe that the brain is the most genderized part of the body."  Email This Article

Breaking the Public School's Monopoly - WILLIAM BENTLEY BALL

Seventy years ago, in Meyer v. Nebraska, the Supreme Court warned against the tendency, now vividly seen in public education...  Email This Article

Can Catholic Schools Be Saved? - Peter Meyer

Bobby and I stood outside the small public elementary school that our children attended, pondering our respective 1st graders’ prospects. The weeds poked up through the asphalt, the windows on the 30-year-old building were dirty, the playground equipment was rotting. Inside the K–2 school, some 600 kids were being prepared for academic underachievement: in a few more years two-thirds of them would be unable to read at grade level. “Nothing wrong with this place,” Bobby finally said, “that a busload of nuns wouldn’t solve.”  Email This Article

CAPP – A Christian Alternative for B.C. Students - Sean Murphy

The Career and Personal Planning (CAPP) programme is mandatory for graduation in British Columbia yet aspects of the program are inconsistent with what many consider a mature Christian view. It is hoped that this alternative to the curriculum presently offered in the schools will be of assistance to parents and Christian educators who find themselves faced with the dilemma of needing to fulfill the CAPP learning objectives, but not being willing to compromise their deeply held Christian principles.  Email This Article

Cardinal Dulles to Catholic Colleges: Be Truly Catholic - Kathryn Jean Lopez

Cardinal Avery Dulles, S.J., spoke recently about Catholic colleges and universities calling them to stop being on the defensive about their Catholicity. “The time has come for them to regain their confidence and proudly proclaim the faith that animates them,” he said.  Email This Article

Catechesis in the Process of Evangelization - Bishop Raymond L. Burke

The General Directory sets forth the principles which are the foundation for the sound teaching of the faith. Only if these principles are understood and applied will the Church meet the challenge of catechesis in our time and overcome the significant difficulties which have been encountered in catechesis over the past decades.  Email This Article

Catholic Schools Achieve High Marks at Low Costs - Hanna Skandera and Richard Sousa

Historically, Catholic schools have played a significant role in educating America's children. They continue to be important and effective players in the field today, despite substantial changes in the size and makeup of the Catholic school student body over the last four decades.  Email This Article

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