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A Catholic Renaissance at Princeton - George Weigel

If you're a student looking for an intellectually challenging education and a Catholic community whole-heartedly committed to the new evangelization, or if you're a parent looking for such a school for your son or daughter, you could do far worse than look at Princeton.  Email This Article

A Critical Review of the GLSEN Same-Sex Marriage Curriculum - Warren Throckmorton, PhD; Gary Welton, PhD; & Mike Ingram

In 2003, the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Educators Network (GLSEN) released a curriculum designed to present same-sex marriage as a topic area in high schools. For reasons we will delineate, we found the GLSEN curriculum biased, coercive, inaccurate and misleading on many points and impractical in implementation. For these reasons, we respectfully suggest that school districts not use these materials for classroom instruction. We conclude with recommendations that may help schools handle this controversial subject in a sensitive and educationally sound manner.  Email This Article

A Few Thoughts on Humor and Being Human - Douglas McManaman

There is always a great deal that we can learn about something by focusing on its etymology.   Email This Article

A Gift to the Church: The Didache High School Textbook Series - Fr. Ronald M. Vierling

With the publication of the Didache series an effective catechetical tool has been provided to the Church to strengthen the solidity of the faith and of Christian living, while offering fresh vigor to catechetical initiatives already in hand.  Email This Article

A Living University: A Conversation with Rev. James V. Schall - Kathryn Jean Lopez

What makes a good teacher? What is the most educational book ever written? Is there any advice you would give to young teachers starting out, who are possibly discouraged by the liberalism among the faculty and lack of enthusiasm among the students?  Email This Article

A Person's A Person, No Matter How Small... - Andrew McCracken

Supplement to the lesson plan "Is the Fetus a Person?"  Email This Article

A Time to Move On - Anthony Esolen

Anthony Esolen on Sending Our Children into Eternity (A Graduation Address).  Email This Article

A Time to Speak - Mike S. Adams

Dear Intimidated Christian: I want to thank you for coming by the office last week to vent your frustrations over the anti-Christian remarks your professor has been making in the classroom.  Email This Article

A Turn Toward Truth - Colleen Carroll Campbell

The increasing concern with society's moral decadence has surfaced among the young. Growing numbers of young Americans are gravitating toward traditional faith and mores, and pollsters have detected a rightward shift among the young on issues of sexual morality.  Email This Article

A University of a Particular Kind - Fr. Richard John Neuhaus

Today the Christian university is in crisis. At least in many institutions, there is a dying of the light.  Email This Article

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