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Men and Virtue - Tim Gray & Curtis Martin

The time-tested road maps leading to virtuous Christian manhood have been lost. Boys to Men: The Transforming Power of Virtue will help Catholic men recover the virtuous life and become authentic men of God. Every father needs a few essential books in his father's 'tool box'. This book is one of them.  Email This Article

Moral Illiteracy - William Kilpatrick

When the schools stop contributing to the fund of shared moral knowledge, the informal systems are put under enormous strain. And when they start to break down, we begin to get a picture of what a society looks like when each person makes up his own “morality.” By withholding the culture from a whole generation of youth, we are not helping them to “think for themselves,” but only forcing them to patch together crude codes of behavior from the bits and pieces they pick up on television or in the streets.  Email This Article

Moral Truth and the End of Man - Senator Rick Santorum

Intellectual formation — building intellectual capital — is all about conforming our minds to the truth. But as I said at the start, truth and goodness go hand in hand. So we also have to talk about how morality fits into the formation of intellectual capital. To do that, please permit me to dig a little deeper into philosophy than is usual in a book on public policy.  Email This Article

Multiple Intelligences: The Making of a Modern Myth - Daniel T. Willingham

Howard Gardner first proposed his theory of multiple intelligences in 1983. Gardner’s ideas have been a significant force in education for the past 20 years — significant enough that they bear close study.  Email This Article

Myths About the Search for Knowledge - J. Budziszewski

On campus you'll encounter dozens of myths about the search for truth, but most of them are variations on ones that I'm going to discuss.  Email This Article

New Catholic History Text Debuts - Karen Walker

For the past nearly 40 years, Catholic schools have had to choose between buying secular history textbooks or reproducing old, out-of-date history textbooks previously written for Catholic schools. But now that has changed.  Email This Article

No More Spending - Thomas W. Carroll

These days, virtually any debate over education at the state or federal level ultimately turns to the question of money.  Email This Article

No Ordinary People - George Weigel

George Weigel received his seventh honorary doctorate at Franciscan University of Steubenville (Ohio) on May 8, 2004, and delivered the following commencement address.  Email This Article

Not So Grand a Strategy - E. D. Hirsch Jr.

"A Nation at Risk" emphasized the importance of learning so-called "higher-order skills" in the early grades. But even chess grand masters need to learn the basics first.  Email This Article

Now with B16! - Jeff Miller

Studies have conclusively proven that people taking B16 daily will continue to have smooth running and orthodox metabolism for years to come. B16 in trials has proven not to be harsh or difficult as had been initially reported.   Email This Article

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