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Liberal Arts Education in a Free Society - James V. Schall, S.J.

Liberal education agrees with Plato that self-rule is at the heart of civil order.  Email This Article

Like it or not - Charles Colson

Parents and students attending this year’s commencement at Georgetown University, a Catholic school, would surely expect to hear a commencement address that took Catholic teaching seriously. And that’s what they got. But many in the crowd were offended, even outraged.  Email This Article

Low-Income Scholarships on the Rise - Paul F. Steidler

Just imagine how terrible it would be if an impoverished child going to a drug-infested, poorly performing public school were given an opportunity to attend a school of his parents' choice.  Email This Article

Making a Difference from 30,000 Feet - Phyllis Bussing

In the Catholic Schools of the Diocese of Evansville we were privileged to discover this curriculum to teach our students what it means to be a hero in today's world.  Email This Article

Making a God of Self-Esteem - KATHLEEN GOW

These days, taking issue with making a god of self-esteem probably places one somewhere between Atilla the Hun and the early Desert Fathers. But so be it!  Email This Article

Mandatum Cover-Up? - Tim Drake

The scandals that dominated headlines last year painted an unwelcome picture of the Church: Lay Catholics' requests for action and information were being stonewalled. In 2003, parents of college-age children say they're seeing the same thing happening again.  Email This Article

Mandatum Cover-Up? — Part II: Georgetown - Tim Drake

The National Catholic Register is conducting an ongoing investigation of Catholic colleges and universities featured in U.S. News and World Report's college guide. Here we ask the question: Are parents allowed to know whether those who teach theology intend to teach in communion with the Church? Or has the opposite happened — is the canon law mandatum being used to protect dissenters?  Email This Article

Mandatum Cover-Up? — Part III: Notre Dame - Tim Drake

Notre Dame students are required to take theology courses. Nevertheless, it's nearly impossible for students and their parents to know which Notre Dame theology faculty teach with the Church and which do not.  Email This Article

Mandatum Cover-Up? — Part IV: Loyola - Tim Drake

Parents take nothing for granted: Loyola won't tell but the Cardinal might.  Email This Article

Mandatum — Part VII: Taking an oath: Franciscan University of Steubenville - Tim Drake

When Adrian and Beth Galvez of Williamsburg, Va., looked at colleges for their eldest daughter, Christa, they considered several Catholic institutions. In the end they chose Franciscan University of Steubenville because of its adherence to Church teachings.  Email This Article

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