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Intelligence in the Classroom - Charles Murray

Half of all children are below average, and teachers can do only so much for them.  Email This Article

Is Private Schooling Privatizing - CHRISTIAN SMITH & DAVID SIKKINK

Question: Are families that choose private schools and home education for their children more likely than families involved in public schools to be socially isolated and withdrawn from participation in civic life? Answer: Absolutely not.  Email This Article

Is the Fetus a Person? - Andrew McCracken

Upon completion of this lesson, students will understand that the embryo or fetus is a human person. Age level: Grade 10-12 (15-18 years old). Time: 60 minutes.  Email This Article

Is the Public School Still Possible? - Brian Caulfield

Called by some the "Satan case," the legal battle in the Bedford, N.Y., public school district earlier this year" raises issues of community values and parental control over a child's education.  Email This Article

It's Tough to be a Boy in American Schools - John Leo

"It's a bad time to be a boy in America," Christina Sommers says in her important new book, "The War Against Boys." "We are turning against boys," she writes.  Email This Article

Keep the Faith: Integrating Faith and the Public Schools Without Mixing Church and State - Eric Buehrer

In too many schools, Christianity is censored out of the curriculum and off the campus. Think about how many children go through twelve years of education and never learn anything of significance about Christianity. Here the case is made that teaching students about Christianity and its positive influence on American culture is not only possible, itís legal, and a legitimate academic pursuit for public schools.  Email This Article

Land O'Lakes and the CUA Wars, 40 years later - George Weigel

Forty years ago this coming summer, some two dozen prominent Catholic educators met at a Wisconsin resort and issued the "Land O'Lakes Statement."  Email This Article

Language Guardian - Joseph Epstein

An online journal fights for clear, expressive English.   Email This Article

Learning Among The Ruins - JAMES HITCHCOCK

Even more than the Church, the university encapsulates the entire modern cultural crisis, because the university defines itself as the bearer of the totality of culture, past and present.  Email This Article

Learning to Forgive - Dr. Richard P. Fitzgibbons, Robert Enright, & Thomas F. O'Brien

Angry students are likely to repress their feelings or act out, but there is another option.  Email This Article

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