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Harvard Springtime - Bronwen Catherine McShea

These are exciting times for the Catholic Church in America, as the eventful April weekend at Harvard proved to me and my friends. Young men and women are turning to the ancient wisdom of the Church even at Harvard University.  Email This Article

Helping Beat the High Cost of Education - MAUREEN PIERCE & SUSAN CAHILL

Many major companies have recognized the importance and benefits of supporting education.  Email This Article

Helping kids and adults take responsibility for their own character - Thomas Lickona

To ensure continual growth in the moral life, we must first know ourselves. We gain this self-knowledge by regularly examining our behavior and reflecting on the kind of person we are and would like to be.  Email This Article

History's marginalized people - Paul Keonen

I applaud the people of TRUTH at Boston College who are banding together to put an end to hate and racism.  Email This Article

Holy Cross 'Crusaders' Fight for Catholic Identity - Dana Wind

College of the Holy Cross alumnus Victor Melfa has spent most of his time since January fighting for the Catholic identity of his alma mater.  Email This Article

Home Schooling in Canon Law - Benedict T. Nguyen

Throughout 2003, the question of the legitimacy of home schooling by Catholic parents arose when three respected priests, Fathers Vincent Rogers, Peter M.J. Stravinskas, and Clarence Hettinger, attempted to defend the view that Catholic parents generally do not have the right to home school their children.  Email This Article

Home-Schoolers: Battling for Freedom - Mike Farris

As a result of being required to fight for their rights in so many contexts, home-schoolers both parents and children have become some of the most active political participants in the nation. Those who have to fight for the freedom of their own families are the most convinced of the need to limit government power.  Email This Article

Homeschooling - James Hitchcock

Beginning in the 1960s, there has come to be a growing number of parents who deeply mistrust the established educational systems, public and private, and are thrown back on their own resources. If those who educate their children at home do not have all the answers, they are at least asking the necessary questions.  Email This Article

How can Catholics in a secularized school avoid being of their world? - Germain Grisez

We are twins, a sister and brother, and are writing this letter not just for ourselves, but for six friends of ours, too. We all went through St. Philomena's together, and all of us are now in the first year at the local public high school. It has its good points, but it also has a lot of problems, and I want to tell you about the problems.  Email This Article

How Catholic are our Catholic Schools? - J. Fraser Field

What is the difference between what is being taught at your local Catholic school and what is being taught at the public school down the block?  Email This Article

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