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Fanatical Secularism - Charles L. Glenn

The Supreme Court’s majority opinion in the Cleveland voucher case, Zelman v. Simmons-Harris, was of course the most newsworthy aspect of the decision, but the dissents were no less revealing. In about 500 words, Justice Stevens managed to use the word “indoctrination” four times and “religious strife” twice.  Email This Article

Fides et Ratio (Faith and Reason) - John E. Fagan

The Teachings of Pope John Paul II: Summaries of Papal Documents by John E. Fagan succinctly summarizes the Pope’s major documents with an emphasis on issues of interest to the laity. It is perfect as an introduction or as a quick reference guide to John Paul II's voluminous writings.  Email This Article

Fifteen Points to Remember for the New Catholic Teacher - Douglas McManaman

The following are points that might help the young teacher maintain the beauty and luster of his own vocation as a Catholic teacher.  Email This Article

Fighting the Columbine copycats - Barbara Kay

I’m weighing in on the Virginia Tech massacre bandwagon rather late, because when news of the tragedy broke, I was in Quebec City for my annual week of French immersion.  Email This Article

Fr. James V. Schall on Political Philosophy - James V. Schall, S.J.

James V. Schall, S. J. has had a venerable career in teaching and publishing. He is Professor in the Department of Government at Georgetown University. The Claremont Institute's Ken Masugi interviewed Dr. Schall.   Email This Article

Free to Choose - Milton Friedman

Little did I know when I published an article in 1955 on "The Role of Government in Education" that it would lead to my becoming an activist for a major reform in the organization of schooling, and indeed that my wife and I would be led to establish a foundation to promote parental choice.  Email This Article

Good Sportsmanship - Donald DeMarco

We are all aware of the fact that media images and reality do not always coincide. In fact, the image that the media presents to us can be the polar opposite of the reality it replaces.  Email This Article

Good? Bad? or None of the Above? - William Damon

It is an odd mark of our time that the first question people ask about character education is whether public schools should be doing it at all. The question is odd because it invites us to imagine that schooling, which occupies about a third of a child's waking time, somehow could be arranged to play no role in the formation of a child's character.   Email This Article

Growing Character in the Elementary Classroom - Deb Austin Brown

Teaching is a calling. In fact, I believe it is the highest calling. I believe it is the job of teachers to call their students to personal — as well as academic — excellence. Students will never know how high their potential in life is unless we call them to it. Here are fourteen of my favorite practices for helping students achieve their character potential.  Email This Article

Guidelines for Sex Education - The Pontifical Council for the Family

The Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality, published by the Pontifical Council for the Family, is an extremely important document."Hard-hitting and eloquent and the result of 21 years of study and consultation, it states a powerful case for traditional Christian sexual morality.  Email This Article

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