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20 Troubling Facts about American Education - WILLIAM J. BENNETT

Former Secretary of Education William J. Bennett points to 20 statistics which show that, despite thirty years of almost continuous reform, public education in the United States is still not doing an adequate job.  Popular  Email This Article

6 Recommendations for Improving Our Catholic Schools - Vancouver Synod Study Commission on Teaching the Faith

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A comprehensive approach to character building in Catholic schools - Thomas Lickona

The purpose of the Church and of Catholic education is to turn us into little Christs, to continue the process of our transformation in Christ that began in our baptism. How can Catholic schools help to develop, in both students and staff, the character of Christ.   Popular  Email This Article

A Gift I'll Never Forget - Linda Hummel

He entered my life twenty years ago, leaning against the doorjamb of Room 202, where I taught fifth grade. He wore sneakers three sizes too large and checkered pants ripped at the knees.  Popular  Email This Article

The Papacy: an Introduction (1 of 3) - J. Fraser Field

In this lesson, students will learn the number of Christians in the world and the three main divisions of Christianity: Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and Protestant. The breaking up of Christianity was not what Christ wanted. Students will understand that the papacy is one of the main doctrines about which Protestant and Orthodox Christians disagree with the Catholic Church. They will explore some basic facts about the papacy.  Popular  Email This Article

The Problem with Self-Esteem - PAUL C. VITZ

Self-esteem is a deeply secular concept, and not one with which Christians should be particularly involved.  Popular  Email This Article

What’s Your Score On The S.A.T. (Salvation Aptitude Test)? - Noel J. Augustyn

I modestly offer the following as a draft of the sort of exam that I think an eighth-grade Catholic student should have to pass before graduating from Catholic grammar school. I don’t think that knowledge equals faith (or hope or charity). But I know that the religious literacy I had accumulated, fairly painlessly, by age 13 has enriched my faith during subsequent years and has given me a secure base of knowledge on which to build. The following exam tries to teach as well as to test, and has a number of “think” or “short essay” questions.  Popular  Email This Article

"Invitation to the Classics" - book review - Raymond Matthew Wray

As liberal arts programs in universities around the country have marginalized those Great Books which constitute the Western Canon, Louise Cowan and Os Guinness have given us Invitation to the Classics, a concise primer for the literary classics.  Email This Article

Passion Guide, Week 1: Mary - National Catholic Register

In this issue of the National Catholic Register's guide to The Passion of the Christ, the central role of Mary is explained.  Email This Article

The Closing of the American Mind Revisited - R. R. Reno

The most recent number of The Intercollegiate Review, published by the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, features a symposium marking the twentieth anniversary of the publication of Allan Bloom’s The Closing of the American Mind. Has it really been that long?  Email This Article

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