The Wedding Feast at Cana


A wedding is a beginning as true and new as any birth.

It seemed a simple thing to her.
She knew in her heart
Who she had borne
and birthed into the world,
Watched him grow in her house,
Working alongside his father,
Making chairs and tables
For their neighbors.
She had watched him
These many years
With a mother's keen eye.
She who had nodded her humble fiat
To the Stranger's awe-filled invitation
And who had felt that Word,
The eternal YES enter her,
And begin to stir in her womb
Had known, from the beginning,
That he had things to do,
Things beyond her ken.
She knew, even if he did not,
That his time had come,
That the time for the long suffering
Had to begin somewhere.
Why not here?
Why not now?
A wedding is a beginning
As true and new as any birth.
Let it begin, then, with a memory
To be told for the ages.




Dan Doyle. "The Wedding Feast at Cana." CERC.

Reprinted with permission of Dan Doyle.


Dan Doyle has taught for 30 years at the high school and university level. He is currently in his 20th year at Seattle University in Seattle, WA. He is an Assistant Professor in the Matteo Ricci College of Seattle University and teaches several Humanities based courses including: The Greek, Roman and Medieval periods, Character Development and a Capstone course called, Unforgettable Books. He has been writing and publishing poems for most of his career. Dan Doyle is on the Executive Board of CERC USA.

Copyright © 2012 Dan Doyle

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