Mary Magdalene


Remember the garden
Afire with the morning light,
The scent of almond flowers
Redolent in the cool air?

Remember the chill around your heart
When you saw the cave’s open mouth,
The questions that flew
Like startled starlings in your head?

Remember the sweet odors of
Frankincense and myrrh
Wafting out of the dark,
The delicate tumble of linen,
Left there as if meaning and emptiness
Were twin sisters at play?

Remember too the joy
That leapt in you, as if
A morning dove, surprised,
Took wing within your heart?

Remember when you recognized the Gardener
For Who He Really Was?

Resurrection would have taken
The breath out of anyone,
But it gave you the innocent happiness
Of a child possessed of a secret.
You ran all the way back to the others,
And, breathless with wonder,
Told them the secret too.


Dan Doyle. "Mary Magdalene." CERC.

Reprinted with permission of Dan Doyle.


Dan Doyle has taught for 30 years at the high school and university level. He is currently in his 20th year at Seattle University in Seattle, WA. He is an Assistant Professor in the Matteo Ricci College of Seattle University and teaches several Humanities based courses including: The Greek, Roman and Medieval periods, Character Development and a Capstone course called, Unforgettable Books. He has been writing and publishing poems for most of his career. Dan Doyle is on the Executive Board of CERC USA.

Copyright © 2009 Dan Doyle

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