"To everyone who has, more will be given"


In the things of God and of the Holy Spirit, wealth is the rule; the more you have, the more you receive.

You have grace and you make use of that grace, and God never says a thing like this: "He has grace, he must not have too much, he needs no more."

No, God's attitude is this: he has much grace, let him receive more. The more a man has, the more God will give him, because there is nothing that pleases God more than to enrich his creatures, and whenever he sees a man making good use of his gifts he pours more and more upon him with lavishness which is astonishing; as if in the school of God all the ordinary methods of giving and taking were reversed, and there were other standards instead.

And what are these divine standards? He gives to the rich; he takes away from those who have little; he is angry, not with the wealthy in the things of the spirit, but with those who are poor.

And so we are not surprised to see in the lives of the saints how these holy ones are positively immersed in graces; and the more graces they have, the more graces they receive. God has made it his rule to enrich the rich, and to give in further abundance to those who already possess the things of the spirit.

In the things of matter the case may be different, but in the things of the Spirit this is the rule of God. Because God is rich, there are inexhaustible treasures for bestowal, and he pours them forth ungrudgingly.




Dom Anscar Vonier, O.S.B. "To everyone who has, more will be given." excerpt from The Art of Christ: Retreat Conferences (Burns, Oates & Washbourne, Ltd., 1927).

The Art of Christ: Retreat Conferences is out of print and in the public domain.


Dom Anscar Vonier, O.S.B. (1875–1938) was the abbot of Buckfast Abbey in Devon, England and the most gifted dogmatic theologian writing — and preaching — in England during the inter-War years. By an unexpected blessing, the English Catholic Church had in its midst a German monk of outstanding competence and spiritual nobility. He is the author, among other books, of A Key to the Doctrine of the Eucharist, The Life of the World to Come, The Personality of Christ, and The Human Soul and Its Relations with Other Spirits.

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