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"For each one of you, as for the apostles, the encounter with the divine Teacher who calls you friends may be the beginning of an extraordinary venture: that of becoming apostles among your contemporaries to lead them to live their own experience of friendship with God, made Man, with God who has made himself my friend."

- Pope Benedict XVI


Ethics and Sex

Why a Christian Anthropology Makes a Difference - Peter Kreeft

It is simply impossible to agree on ethics, on how to act, on what is good and what is not, if you disagree about metaphysics or anthropology. And since ethics is unavoidable, so is anthropology.

Christian Anthropology versus the Sexual Revolution - Peter Kreeft

How does Christ revolutionize the Sexual Revolution? Not by turning back the clock, not by a new Victorianism, not by opposing religion to sex, but by showing their real and profound connection.

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God and Suffering - Peter Kreeft

Isn't human suffering proof that a just, all-powerful God must not exist? On the contrary, says Boston College Professor of Philosophy Peter Kreeft. Read more...

Man as Pure Search - Regis Martin

Excerpt from The Beggar's Banquet: Personal Retreat on Christ, His Mother, the Spiritual Life, and the Saints. Read more...

The Content of Our Character: Ten Essential Virtues - Tom Lickona

What is the content of good character?  This is the first question a school must address in developing a quality character education program. Read more...

Interpreting Scripture: Some Thoughts on Difficult Passages - Deacon Douglas McManaman

A good point to keep in mind when dealing with questions bearing upon difficult passages in the Old Testament is that Jews and Christians believe God not only reveals Himself in creation, but He also, over and above that, chose to reveal Himself in history. Read more...

Democracy, Tyranny, and the Current Situation - Father James V. Schall, S.J.

Democracies seem naturally to tend to tyranny in two senses.  Read more...

Benedict XVI: Pope as Prophet - Father George W. Rutler

If a prophet is not without honor save in his own country, a great prophet is not without honor save in the whole world. Read more...

The Giver: Dark secrets of a world of perfection - Kevin Ryan

If you only go to one movie this fall, choose The GiverRead more...

The University Needs the Monastic Spirit More Than Ever - Kenneth J. Howell

In one of her last stories, "Why Do the Heathen Rage?" Flannery O'Connor told a story of miscomprehension between mother and son. Read more...

Calming the Perfect Storm - Msgr. J. Brian Bransfield

The teachings of Karol Wojtyla help us to recover the forgotten truth about what it means to be human. Read more...

Abstract: Submission to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario - Sean Murphy

The Ontario Human Rights Commission made a serious error in 2008 when it attempted to suppress freedom of conscience and religion in the medical profession on the grounds that physicians are "providers of secular public services." Read more...

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Will tragedy derail Pope Francis on Christian unity? - Boston Globe
Also: Religious cleansing in Iraq, pope in America, and a curious silence in Australia.

Obama's executive order and the danger of reliance on federal contracts - Catholic Culture
Perhaps Obama's "unprecedented and extreme" recent executive orders will help awaken the American hierarchy to the fact that this administration is not—to put it mildly—a reliable partner.

Why is Pope Francis’ Visit to Philly Important? - patheos
If the pope is planning to visit the City of Brotherly Love next fall what’s the big deal?

Pope Francis and the Evangelicals - patheos
Sandro Magister reports here on Pope Francis’ outreach to Evangelical Christians.

Immigration Approach Avoids Emotionalism - NCRegister
Church teaching on immigration articulates a framework for thinking — rather than merely emoting — through the immigration issue in a manner consistent with Catholic concerns for liberty, justice, human flourishing and the common good.

Pope to leaders of wars: "Stop!" - AsiaNews
"Stop! I am asking you with all my heart. Stop!" says the pope as he speaks out on the Middle East, Iraq, and Ukraine.

The Atlantic: What happened to all those Catholic rites? - Get Religion
Long-time GetReligion readers, do you remember that typology that a wise, older priest — a veteran of life inside the DC Beltway — gave me a few years ago that proposed that there are essentially four kinds of American Catholic voters?

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