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"Christianity, if false, is of no importance, and if true, of infinite importance. The only thing it cannot be is moderately important."

- C.S.Lewis


Robert P. George and the courage we need

Ashamed of the Gospel? - Robert P. George

The days of acceptable Christianity are over. The days of comfortable Catholicism are past.

Robert P. George takes students’ questions - Robert P. George

Professor George recently took questions from a group of ivy league students about the fun of disrupting campus group-think, challenging the "dogmas of liberalism", the marriage debate, and much more.

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The peaceful path to liberty - Father Raymond J. de Souza

Why are Palestinians still, in 2014, choosing the path of violent force when other more secure paths to independence and autonomy have proved more successful? Read more...

We cannot avoid making judgments - Bishop David McGough

When we avoid a rush to destructive judgment and accusation we allow the possibility that the good within us might ultimately flourish and come to fruition. Read more...

The Consequences of Redefining Marriage - Ryan T. Anderson

There are good reasons why conjugal unions have been distinguished from all others since antiquity. Read more...

Jesus' Sweet and Light Yoke - Father John Tauler, O.P.

Now, to what people is this yoke sweet and light, as they accept it and bear it along? Read more...

Moral clarity in Gaza - Charles Krauthammer

Rarely does international politics present a moment of such moral clarity. Read more...

NFP: The Myth of the “Contraceptive Mentality” - Father Ryan Erlenbush

It should be clear that a couple who uses (or even misuses) natural family planning will never be in danger of a falling into a contraceptive mentality. Read more...

We were wrong, says former regulator of Dutch euthanasia - Theo Boer

In 2001 The Netherlands was the first country in the world to legalize euthanasia and, along with it, assisted suicide. Read more...

False Extremes and the Christian Way Forward - John Zmirak

Most people get virtue wrong.  They think that it is simply the opposite of sin — when in fact the opposite of a sin is usually another kind of sin, just as the opposite of going too far west is going too far east. Read more...

The Language of Love - Most Reverend James D. Conley, STL.

"The Language of Love" is Bishop Conley's pastoral letter on the sacrificial nature of love and on the destructive nature of contraception. Read more...

A meditation on the pure man - Anthony Esolen

Where have all the angels gone?

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Political and religious leaders denounce European anti-Jewish outbursts tied to Gaza - RNS
Secular and religious leaders are denouncing widespread anti-Semitic outbursts in Paris and the rest of Europe.

ISIS militants ransack Catholic monastery in Iraq - RT
Islamic militants have seized a monastery in northern Iraq, kicking out its Christian monks as well as Christian residents of Mosul.

Contractors and the Culture War - NRO
Obama’s policies seek to place the might of government against traditional moral views and to brand those views as equivalent to racism.

Debating the abuse crisis - Patheos
In 2004, we had not the slightest idea whether Catholic priests were more or less likely to abuse children than members of other denominations, or of non-religious professionals. We still don't.

Examining the Growth of the 'Spiritual but Not Religious' - New York Times
'Spiritual but not religious." So many Americans describe their belief system this way that pollsters now give the phrase its own category on questionnaires.

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